Friday, August 14, 2015

Green Smoothie Workshop by The Flow Tribe

Lately, The Flow Tribe have been doing more Green Smoothie workshops in the the city. We usually teach this during our retreats ( but also offer it to corporate offices, schools and yoga studios. We reckon, many urbanites want to learn the art of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and the easiest way to do so is learn how to drink your greens or liquid sunshine!

Yesterday, Holy Carabao sponsored our loot for the smoothies. We only use premium organic (and biodynamic, if available) produce because health-wise it makes a world of a difference!

Rawlicious same to distribute their famous green smoothie cocktails to the guests at LiFE Yoga Studio.

We also used superfoods to power up our beverages which was supplied by The Healthy Grocery.

For more information on how you can get us to conduct this workshop at your school or office, please email

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