Friday, April 10, 2015

DIY: Learning the Art of Batik Dyeing

As a very hands on mother to two young children, a yoga teacher and entrepreneur, I barely have time outside my usual routine of work commitments and errands for home. But when the women behind L'Indochine invite you to a Batik Dyeing Workshop with craft queen Alessa Lanot of Life After Breakfast - you simply make time and say YES!

Upon arriving the grand flagship L'Indochine store, I was welcomed with this exotic table set up which I completely adore. I sense that I have a string of past lives in the ancient lands of Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, India and in Asia, Indonesia hence my natural affinity to these places, their design patterns and hues.

Alessa showed us different techniques on how to create throw pillowcases using imported dyes.

Gorgeous trays from L'Indochine were given out to participants!

When they announced that there was a contest for bespoke jewelry by Elena Bautista, my game face suddenly turned on.

My shawl and skirt from India and my top from Bali, Indonesia - see what I mean?
Tada! Guess who won?! I was selected as one of the winners. Yay! Here I am together with Alessa, Leona and Charlene of L'Indochine and the other winners showing off our Batik masterpieces.

Then I finally had the appetite to sample their food (my son Santi was happily munching along while I was seriously working to win!) Here's the buffet set up by Chelsea Kitchen. Lookie, I found a vegetarian snack- how addicting this mushroom chicharon! The type that needs to be taken away from you or you end up finishing the whole bowl!

It was delightful afternoon of crafternoon fun, catching up with some of my favorite lifestyle bloggers in Manila. Cat Juan Ledesma recently birthed a baby so I was surprised to see her but was glad just the same to congratulate her for the succesful waterbirth of Nara. And I finally meet Paula in the flesh! I've got itchy feet just like her so I live vicariously through her travel stories.

Thank you to L'Indochine, Life After Breakfast and all the sponsors for making this wonderful event possible. I look forward to attending more workshops at L'Indochine soon!

List of Sponsors

Uniqlo / Shine Bakery and Cafe / Chelsea KitchenReal Living Magazine / Fino / Nifty Manila / Celeteque / Digital Traincase / Mommy Mundo / Caren Carlos / Forever 21 and Smell Chic

To see what every participant got in their loot, read the write up from The Inspiration Seekers here.

The throw pillows Santi and I made fit perfectly in one corner of our home.

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