Thursday, January 08, 2015

Top 5 Family Friendly Reasons Why Baguio is a MUST

Despite the long arduous travel it took our family to get to our final destination (total of 9 hours in the car hardly without any stops!), we found our refuge at home and enjoyed Baguio for the simple pleasures that this place brings. I'm quite sentimental because childhood holidays were always spent here. 

Here are my top 5 personal family-friendly reasons why Baguio is a must local destination in the Philippines.

Photo taken by my husband at John Hay
1. Pine Trees: Baguio is known as the "City of Pines". While many complain that forestry isn't as it used to be, we still enjoy the scent of pines around town especially in Camp John Hay. I certainly do not see this much trees in any park in Manila!

All this greenery just outside our Ninang Reggie's beautiful home.
2. Fashion: Admit it, we book trips to cold places just so we can wear clothing we don't normally do in Manila! Personally, I was thrilled to dress my baby girl each day during our vacation. And I honestly think babies are less fussy in cooler climates. 

Maya's Microfashion

Thank you to cutieverse for the baltic amber necklace and Lola Suzanne for Maya's top and socks

Thank you to Lola Amy for Maya's headpiece and Lola Suzanne for the outfit!

3. Outdoor activities: Many things are more pleasant in Baguio weather like walking, babywearing, picnic-ing and playing. Without the sweltering heat, we can just enjoy the outdoors longer!

Maya and I babywear using the Saya Baby carrier
My son tries out the slackline outside ROX in John Hay
Picnic on the spot after our morning walk around the village
My family is happy to do nature walks in this nippy weather
4. Mountain Views: Mountains are just marvelous to look at!

This is our breakfast view each day. 
5. Roasted marshmallows: A great family activity by the fire. Not only does the fire warm your bodies and soothes the soul, it also roasts your marshmallows for an after-dinner treat! It isn't healthy, but we break the rules, sometimes :)

Next time we'll do s'mores!
How was your holiday spent with your families? Share your favorite family destinations here!

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