Monday, May 13, 2013

A Beatles-Inspired Yellow Submarine Party

In the recent months, we have been attending many themed and stylized or DIY birthday parties that Santi would enjoy. And so, it was inevitable for him to request his own party "with a theme". We considered a few themes (which I won't mention because we just might use it another time) until we figured the perfect one would be The Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. 

The story behind this is that this is the only app in my Ipad which I encourage Santi to view because it's a storybook with songs from The Beatles and has good life lessons which I'm all for. So, he's taken a liking to the Beatles since then and would sing the songs with us whenever we would play it. Hippie parenting - check!

So, I had a concept and needed a venue (with ample parking!) where food is mostly liked/loved, and where they will allow me to put together a dessert buffet. I actually argued with Montri on this one because he insisted we do it in a restaurant when I wanted to do it in a home-setting so I can have full control of every little detail which he thought was insane because then we'd have to hire waiters, chairs, etc. He just didn't want an event nightmare. He wanted to enjoy our son's birthday celebration. In the end, I'm glad I listened to him.

Kaye Garcia to the rescue! Kaye is my supermama friend. Three kids, multi-businesses, cooks & bakes very well, does floral arrangements and styles parties now. This woman can really achieve anything she sets her mind onto. So, fab that she owns Army Navy at the Fort because it meets all the requirements above PLUS I get to borrow all of the things needed to set up. Thank You, Kaye!

Check out some photos from the party...

Right after setting up, Kaye joins me for a photo <3 br="">

Yellow Submarine Vegan Chocolate cake by Pipino, Yellow Submarine Eclairs by Gourmandise Pattiserie
All in the little details: Homemade Calalmansi Juice for the kids, DIY Moustache on straws, Marshmallows on small yellow cups, pre-ordered cupcakes on display

The Beatles eclairs by Gourmandise Pattiserie, DIY Beatles invite, DIY Lootbags with Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band stickers
Keep Calm and Carry On Washi tape on wooden forks
My happy family :)
Happy Birthday,Santi!


cris said...

Happy Birthday to your Santi! What a cool birthday party theme! :D

May I ask the exact name of the app you are referring to? Is it Yello Submarine Songbook by Siena Entertainment? Thanks!

Monica Eleazar-Manzano said...

Hi Cris :) I'm not sure but I know there is only one The Bealtes Yellow Submarine app that is actually a story book :) Have fun reading it! So cool :)


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