Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's The Hurry?

Santi and classmates play in the sandbox of Karawatan Waldorf School
 One of the things I learned in the Waldorf/Steiner philosophy on raising children is to SAVE THEIR CHILDHOOD. Nowadays, very young children are exposed to all kinds of electronic media (television shows, internet on the laptops, games on the Ipad, etc) that they never learn what REAL PLAY is all about. You see this everywhere, at home and in the malls. Children are given the TV or the Ipad so that they can 'behave' and sit still. I've heard so many moms confess to me, "TV is the best babysitter, so you can have time to do whatever you need to do!" Did you ever ask yourself what happens to their brains when they are paralyzed by TV, not moving (which is what they are supposed to be doing at this stage!)

Children playing different scenarios at a simple wooden playstand
In my own home or when he is at a Waldorf school, Santi is free to explore and be creative in his play.
Santi with one of the chickens this morning  

I have difficulty explaining all of this to friends or reminding my own family to turn off the tube or the  Samsung Galaxy Tab :P That is why I am so happy to announce another talk hosted by the Kolisko Waldorf School. I hope that all of YOU come to learn WHY.

"What's The Hurry? WHY & HOW We Can Help Kids Enjoy Their Childhood"
A talk on the Development Stages of the Child in the Perspective of Waldorf/Steiner Philosophy 
by Dr. Marian Alonzo
AUGUST 25, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Kolisko Waldorf School

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Pat Grace said...

where is this?

dharmadreams said...

Hello Pat,

Kolisko Waldorf School is in New Manila, QC. You may find them on facebook :)

Kolisko Waldorf School said...

Thanks for posting Monica! Santi is sooo BIG already! :-O To those who are interested to attend, please RSVP 0918-9383890 :)

Susan F. Quimpo said...

Kolisko Waldorf School's address is 22 Alabama St., New Mla. From Tomas Morato St., turn right at E. Rodriguez St. Then make an immediate right on Alabama, the first street on your right. Landmark is the Tri-Place hotel is at the coner of Alabama and E. Rodriguez. Follow the row of houses along Alabama and look for #22. The correct number for RSVP's is 0920-938-3890. See you at the Brown Bag Talk at Kolisko School!

Kolisko Waldorf School said...

CORRECTION: Please RSVP to 0920-9383890 if you want to attend "What's the Hurry?.." We apologize for the mistake.

Mark Bantigue said...

May I post this on P3?

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May I feature your blog post? I will provide all the necessary links and description of your blog.


dharmadreams said...

Hi Mark,

Sure you can repost my blog articles :) Just link back. Thank you!

Mariel said...

hi monica! i just read about this... at 5pm. sayang! can you tag me please when you post about waldorf things in fb? thanks!

dharmadreams said...

Hello Mariel,

Sure I will remember to tag you for anything Waldorf :)


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