Thursday, August 18, 2011

Knitting is Addicting

Before moving to Palawan, I bought some craft materials (one of them was knitting needles and yarn) but I never really followed through with the knitting projects because so many things got into the way. And yeah, I found crocheting easier to do as well.

easy crochet headpiece (with real flowers from my garden!) one lazy afternoon

see me wearing it

I recently relearned the art of knitting from Teacher Malou of the St. Michael's Playgarden. In the Parent Toddler classes, they teach the mothers how to make simple crafts while their little tots play along. Apparently, children play better when you are doing something meaningful (cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc). Teacher Malou was showing me how to make one of the hand-made toys, a chicken. However, I didn't get too far with it during those 2 sessions we had together. Before leaving Manila, I bought this beautiful multi-colored yarn in Dreams Glorietta 5 and decided to practice on a basic scarf. I can always do the chicken again later with her.

They say knitting is very good because it increases left and right brain interaction. You need two hands to knit so it balances the brain equally-- just like Yoga does. Oh and of course, it also puts you in a meditative state. I found a very interesting blog article on left & right brain activities for a stress-free mom here.

For those of you who aren't coming to FLOW Surf Yoga Samba's FLOW GOES RAW retreat, you might as well attend Bella Tan's workshop on Basic Knitting below.

P.S. The Early Waldorf Childhood training of Bella Tan taught Denise how to make these cute little kittens. Made with loooove. Our gift to the beautiful Cat Juan-Ledesma and hubby Carlo Ledesma on their wedding day :)


Anonymous said...

Galing!! i always have good intentions but i have so many unfinished ones.... really have to just DO IT already!!!

dharmadreams said...

Hello joy :)

I am just getting into it.. I will learn more as I progress, looking into making my son's own toys! :) I already bought kapok for filling and will be learning from online tutorials :)

I noticed that you are a Romauldez. Are you related to Betsy? She is my aunt :)


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