Sunday, July 24, 2011

Backbending with Pim

There are a few things I still love about Manila. Whenever I am in town to visit family and attend meeting for FLOW, I do as much yoga classes I can take because I do miss being a student! I just attended a back-to-back Saturday to Sunday yoga workshop at Yoga+ at the Fort on Balancing & Backbending by Pim Swatewacharkul from Absolute Yoga Thailand.    

When I signed up for her 2 workshops, I didn't know who she was or that her own practice was Anusara-style. The fine print on the poster was too small for me to read. But it was a good surprise because I did appreciate and enjoyed my 2-day training on Anusara Anatomy during the last Asia Yoga Conference under certified Anusara teacher Martin Kirk. Pim mentioned that Martin Kirk is also one of her Anusara Teachers in Singapore.

Martin Kirk talks about the spine and the pelvic bowl
Pim and I pose before the backbending workshop
Within 2 hours, we opened to grace, found and activated our inner and outer spirals, & let go of our fears. As John Friend once said“Whatever you’ve got, you’ve got to rock it out fully”.        

Here we all are in class, rockin' it out

Assisting Aisa's backbend. She's a flexible little one!

Pim teaches us a trick- a backbending massage with a partner!

Pim's Wild Thing is beautiful!

Pim assists Jojo of Pulse with her camel against the wall
My turn with the very bendy Aisa
Pim gives Dina a hand, uses her forearm and legs for support

This is the best version of child's pose I've ever tried

Downward dog assist

Paschimottanasana with a little help

Anusara afterglow :)

The next workshop in Yoga+ is on my birthday weekend on Sept 17-18! Let's celebrate my last year in my twenties in a 2-day Jivamukti workshop with Jules Febre. See you there :)

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