Sunday, February 14, 2016

Flow Mystery Tour And Artis Artisan Antipolo


There is something so refreshing and healing about being out in nature. One day I will build my house surrounded with trees and live sustainably, preferably in a permaculture designed village and farm. For now, I do quick trips to renourish my body, mind and soul. 

I organized the last Flow Mystery Tour with a short escape to nature in mind for all that signed up. Last month, I brought the group to Antipolo for some sunshine and fresh unpolluted air which we all desperately needed.

The venue was the Bee House in Beverly Hills Subdivision in Antipolo. When we arrived, I led a yoga class out in the garden while the kids played with small animals by our side. Yes, most of our tours and retreats are kid-friendly! Check out for more details.

Then, my good friend Ana led a workshop on how to make your own Bath Fizz Bombs using all natural ingredients. 

Those are real dried Lavender flowers. They smelled heavenly! 

Our finished products drying out under the sun.

While waiting for homemade lunch, we checked out the merchants to the Artis Artisan Bazaar.

This event is the brainchild of The Bee House owners Marie Gutierrez, the wife of master builder Vitty who is also the brother of Ana. They are quite a talented family!

After our healthy lunch of falafels and , we proceeded to do workshop # 2 which was DIY Kombucha also led by Ana.

I have learned how to make Kefir before but lost track after sometime. Ana encouraged me to try Kombucha and have been making and drinking this probiotic wonder drink since she taught me. 

I love how her youngest son is her little apprentice when it comes to her handmade and homemade interests. He was manning the booth and selling his Kombucha creations for her! 

Thank you for collaborating with me, Ana! I love your life, your village and all your creations!

You may follow Ana Niguidula on Instagram @anagutch to know more about Body Food All Natural products and her workshops.

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