Sunday, March 13, 2011

What do you wear to work?

Last October 2010, I went to Bali for and attended a 7-Spherical Dance class conducted by Tanya Zaccak who I continue to stay in touch with via facebook until this day. Recently, she posted this--
Tanya Zaccak said to herself 10 years ago she would no longer need to work in 'office' clothes - it happened, 5 years ago she said she would no longer need to work in casual clothes, it happened. 1 year ago she started only wearing movement wear and has been since. She now feels compelled to continue along this path and projects that some of her most creative work in her future will be done in her finest underwear. I love my life!
I certainly believe that we gravitate towards people who emit the same frequency as you do. Her statement hit the spot-- I seem to be wearing less and less especially that I have started teaching yoga and moved to Palawan! 
What do you wear to work?

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