Saturday, January 30, 2010

Learning about THE WILD

Because we live in the city, to look and interact with animals actually costs money. Ark of Avilon charges P250 per person (child or adult). I paid P750 alone for entrance fees because I brought Santi's yaya with us because I wanted to concentrate on taking photos and didn't want to wash Santi's poo in the middle of the trip just in case he did--which he did! Mother's instincts work so well :P

If you know Santi, you'd know that he is not fond of crowded places. It was hard for us to keep up with the group because he didn't want to be amidst all the other kids with yayas and parents. Maybe to him it felt a bit claustrophobic. My same explanation why I have a hard time dressing him up. (especially with shirts because they all seem to have small holes for his extra large head. Those few seconds where it gets stuck, he used to scream bloody murder) A little trivia: Santi has never been able to wear a hat successfully, he automatically takes them off. Socks are challenging and shoes --- a whole other post on that. Let's just say he sticks to his trusted red crocs and refuses to wear any other shoe, even if it's a new pair of red crocs.
Feeding the rodents (or were they rabbits?) the most outrageously epxensive carrot at P10 per stick.

Going back to the zoo trip... it was ok. It would've been better if the 5 other preschools were not there at the same time we were. And I always feel bad for the animals after. They shouldn't be caged for people to stare at them the whole day. I guess that's their fate. Like how some animals are born pets and wouldn't be able to survive in the wild. I wonder what was Santi thinking below--
Speaking of the WILD! Santi and I attended My Masterpiece's "Where The Wild Things Are", a storytelling event at Fullybooked High Street. We were invited by Denise who also teaches art in the school.Even if it was meant for kids, I was utterly moved by their rendition and performance of the story. Sucker-consumeristic me bought the book, another addition to Santi's bedtime tales :)"Inside all of us is hope. Inside all of us is fear. Inside all of us is adventure. Inside all of us is a Wild Thing!"

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