Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cool Your Body, Mind and Homes this Summer with Carrier!

We currently feel the cold winds from melting ice caps in some other parts of the world but mothers like you and me are already pre-planning for hot summer months ahead.

In a recent event held by Carrier Philippines and Mommy Mundo, we were introduced to two new products from the Slim Pac Series of their cooling systems that many households and families would surely make use of.

The event was held in Aruga by Rockwell, Makati where they also do use Carrier air-conditioning systems!

The Klarwind and XPower 2 are both floor mounted air conditioners designed to not only quickly cool but also to blend with its surroundings. Here are new products that merge both function and design.

Our host for the day, Jenni Epperson, lifestyle blogger and one of the ambassadors of Carrier Philippines swears by the XPower 2 which she currently is using in her high ceiling 1960's designed home in Makati. "The XPower 2 is the perfectly stylish unit for those who are seeking to cool a much larger space. It has a powerful, long-distance cooling system that can cover a small office, studio, or a boutique shop with immediate effect- all within just six minutes", she says.

You can see here below the Klarwind model in swivel-ing action. No sounds either and it successfully lulled my darling daughter to sleep, too! 

Daphne Osena-Paez, another lifestyle blogger and Carrier Ambassador also swears by her unit which she uses in her office. She says, "It's lipstick-like figure is a work of art!" We moms have to agree.

"Its innovative 270-degree swivel head motion provides quicker, wider cooling reach. It also has a three step filter system with its anti-bacterial, electrostatic and carbon filters." The filter system I truly find so useful for people living in the polluted city! With so many children suffering from asthma, a  product like this is indeed a must in every house so you can continue to breathe clean air.

If electric bills are a real concern for you, fret not. Carrier models has a high Energy Efficiency Ratio which means you will get powerful cooling without spending too much on your electricity bill. The reason behind this is because you are getting a powerful machine that will not work as hard as others to get your place to a comfortable and cool state. (Given that you follow the suggested horsepower for your space!)

with fellow discerning moms and bloggers at the event

A cool place and body will make up for a cool mind. Now, how do I get enough electricity to power these babies all the way in brown-out frenzy Palawan?

For more information, you can visit or their official Facebook page and visit your nearest appliance stores nationwide to purchase your Carrier SlimPac Klarwind and Xpower 2 models. 


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