Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Discovery Depot for No Fuss Gift Giving All Year Round

I know its a little late for Christmas but gift giving never ends for the little ones! Discovery Depot (www.thediscoverydepot.com) is an online source for educational toys which are very well made (hello, wooden toys!) and sustainably produced. We all know that a good toy is age appropriate and engages a child's sensorimotor, cognitive and social emotional skills.

What came in the mail for Maya right before we left for our winter vacation was from the international award-winning Wonderworld's rainbow set of musical wooden blocks. Discovery Depot shipped my order within 2 days! Talk about fast and efficient service! (They have free shipping for Metro Manila residents for orders P1,500 and above!)

What I love about this toy is it is made from rubber wood, strictly using non-toxic paints, dyes and lacquers. I need not worry if she decides to bite into it (as most teething babies go through a phase of chewing their toys!). 

Another win is that blocks are hollow, filled with beads that create different tones for my future musical prodigy! 

I am so very happy with the quality of this set that I foresee keeping it as a keepsake long after my daughter's baby years.... or passing it on to the next generation. These types of toys are truly treasures to be kept and to be given out!

Another gift idea is to throw a party with The Offbeat Party or TOPmla which offers add-on activities and 4 meters x 2 meters play areas for your child's special birthday. All wooden toys available are safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly PLUS everyone gets a 20% discount during the event!

Discovery Depot + TOPmla


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