Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guilt Pangs

Do you feel guilt pangs when you leave home for work/errands/gym/yoga and baby cries out for you like its doomsday? It breaks my heart whenever Santi screams for mommy not wanting to let go :_(

But each time I kiss him goodbye and make a promise to be home after an hour or 2. When I do get home, I greet my smiling baby boy (who is so glad mama is home), breastfeed...and then everything is alright again. His world is, yet again, safe and complete. 

I think in a few more months Santi will get used to the idea that 'mommy needs to go places where kids don't go but she will always come back home for me.' I feel that these are starting days of his independence...he will come to realize that he is his own person. (yet he will always feel connected to me as I am to him...mother & child bond thing with the invisible umbilical cord)

Rambling now. 

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Baby Yoga

Awww. I remember Santi being so tiny like those babies and I would not DARE place him down or else he would CRYYYYYYY so hard. hehehe I miss him my small Sanchoo.

Here's a class for toddlers, I wonder if Santi will be cooperative if I attempt?


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