Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August Leap

Dear Santi,

So many things are have happened this month --

We came out on Unang Hirit (a tv morning show) for INDIGObaby! You and Benny charmed everyone on the set as well as national television viewers!

Your Dad and I started 'dating' again. This is a homework from our pre-cana counseling sessions with the brilliant Fr. Dennis Paez. (I am so happy that he agreed to officiate our wedding!) Do you feel that we are better parents now because we are less stressed? I think we are a more cheerful family now because of little changes here and there. :)

Your Tita Jeri got married last 080808 and look at her little princess Sumi all dolled up for the event! Soon, you and Sumi will be running around whenever we meet for playdates.

The highlight so far has been this video---

I was able to capture your sweet little steps. This may not be the first time you 'walked' but it's the first for me and your Dad to see you do it (with much glee!) I felt pure joy witnessing your developmental leap right before my eyes!

Oh, dear, Santiago Andres - you are no longer that tiny helpless infant I gave birth to 15 months ago but please do know that you will always, always be my baby boy!

Love you always,



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