Friday, July 11, 2008

Wedding Bells & Blogs

Looking for inspiration online now because I am to meet with my florist tomorrow. Yes, gotta start bugging 'em suppliers. I have prepared flower pegs for her as guide to my all-white/cream motif. Someone is starting to have a master plan. Wee!

Let me share with you some wedding websites I am happy to waste my time with now that Santi is asleep (double wee!)

Wedding Magazines online
Martha Stewart
In-Style weddings

Wedding Blogs
Snippet & Ink
Style Me Pretty
The Little Blackbook of Wedding Vendors

Gee... I find it difficult to focus and I catch myself getting lost in these blogs of beautiful wedding ceremonies with their photographs. To save me from going astray, I post to whatever I find interesting or unique. If you have not used this way-too-cool-tool - you are so out of it! I love it! I bookmark everything there now and it really works for me. I have already tagged photos accordingly -for my photographer, cake artist, gown designers, etc.

For a sneak peak, here's the back view of Anna Ortiz's (Ugly Betty) Lhuillier gown which is my inspiration for my own white full-lace gown by Roselyn Lagdameo.

Just lovely.

I will work on an inspiration board when I have more time. Adios!

Thanks to instyle for the photo of Anna Ortiz.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Artsy Fartsy Baby

Get your own portrait masterpiece by Filipino contemporary artists!
A wonderful keepsake for you or a perfect gift for a very special baby!

Just submit a photo of your baby via email ....

Acrylic paint on canvass with wood framing

and we will turn it into a timeless masterpiece made by Filipino contemporary artists. C' know this will look so fantastic on your nursery!

Featured artists:

Galerie Joaquin states "De Pio is one of the youngest members of the Guevarra Group of Artists. Following the footsteps of his father, foremost portraitist and former professor at the University of the Philippines Gig de Pio, he is fast evolving into his own and finding his identity in the art scene."

Owner/Curator of Gallery Medusa
Read his powerlinked profile here and his friendster profile here.

Your very own masterpiece will cost you P5,000 (does not include shipping).
It's a fair amount for getting a bit of culture into your home.

To order please call Gallery Medusa at 7259285.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Walk This Way

A walking tour from 9am to 12noon under the heat? Are you crazy? Yes..a bit. Forget the temperature/perspiration/itch from the mineral make up/uneven skin tone after 3 hours and agony of carrying cranky Santiago....It was well worth it!

I am certain that you may have heard a lot about Carlos Celdran and his tours. Some of you may have even joined one, two or even all already! Believe me, after experiencing ample time with this humorous fellow (did he take up theater? I swear, he is such a good entertainer!), learning about our history and cultural'd finally understand some things about you through never-been-told stories of our ancestors and just might be a tad bit more proud of yourself and the Filipino race. Uhuh, that's right, I am being patriotic here.

To those who haven't had the chance or might be too primadonna-ish, you have got to! Find an excuse to take some relative from the states, Australia, Dubai (or wherever!), they'll thank you in the end for a wonderful time. And even if you don't know anyone abroad, these tours are perfect for dates (triple hint M!).

We Get No Sleep

Sancho is back to his no-sleep phase again (all day from 6am to almost midnight) and it is draining the life out of me. I keep forgetting how exhausting it is during his sleep strikes. Now I remember why I do NOT want another child- Two words: Mommy burn-outs!

Polly Moore is a sleep guru that recommends parents follow their children's sleep cycle. I have been following this principle since Santi was born and yet he really does find ways to fight sleep. His pedia once diagnosed him with an over-active mind. (oh poor me!)

You see, I know when he is sleepy. I see the signs and then take him to bed and breastfeed him, he will feed for a bit and then all of a sudden he just turns and crawls away to the door of the room pointing outside and begins to wail. He does this a lot. We have to be extra careful too if we want him to focus on getting to sleep, no sounds or extra movement. It's a real struggle everyday, night and day.

In desperation, I asked his pedia for dear help. She advised for me to change his diet - no stimulants. (But I don't even feed him any!) Oh and I have to start giving chamomilla drops again every 4 hours because he is not getting enough sleep (me too!). Haay my junkie baby!

How do you give sleep to a child who doesn't want it? He is too interested in his world around him, I think. You should see him in the mornings. Still half-asleep he crawls to the door and makes noises as if telling the still-asleep mom & dad "I wanna go out and play! Wake up!"

My sister pointed out to me that the definition of his name fits his personality. Kabalarian philosophy has a site that gives pretty accurate name definitions.

Although the name Santi creates the urge to be creative and original, we point out that it causes an emotional intensity and a dominating nature that is hard to control. (high need child!)

The first name of Santi creates an intense personal nature.

For his nickname Sancho -An outdoor life also appeals to you and you could find much enjoyment in the beauties of nature. (this explains him not wanting to stay in-doors!)

Although the name Santiago creates executive ambitions, we emphasize that it causes a restless intensity that defies relaxation. (eeek!!!)

Although the name Andres creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it limits self-expression and friendly congeniality with a moody disposition. (MOODY like his daddy!)

This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the heart, lungs, bronchial area, worry, and mental tension. (This is freaky. He has asthma!)

So, before you name your babies please check the definition first!!!

Oh Santi, I wish you had an on-off button.


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