Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chow On This

Pizza to us is staple food. What could be more satisfying than eating slices of dough packed with veggies, your meat of choice topped with oven-melted mozzarella cheese. Totally comparable to a complete meal (whether you think its healthy or not).

I am thankful for multiply as I have chanced upon Sandy's Pizza weeks ago. There were lots of good reviews and I was willing to give it a try (even more so) when I found out that they are located in the same city. Neat. Delivery is so convenient. Don't you wish there were more establishments with delivery service? Like maybe if Haagen Daz had dial-a-pint delivery... ooh evil thoughts!

For our first Sandy's 'homemade' pizza, M and I tried the combination which had 'a little bit of everything'. This was P390 for a 14' inch, good for 2-3 pizza.

Ooooh yeah that was superb! I told M to hold his horses because I wanted to take a photo of it untouched but he could not help himself so here's that pizza pie missing one slice.
We tried the pizza margherita the 2nd time around (my sister's choice) and it was good too! The thickness of the pizza crust is jsut right. Not too thin nor too thick. Perfect the way it is!

If you live in San Juan, lucky you. You may call Sandy's Pizza for delivery at 7218334.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Importance of Marriage

This is a post written out of FURY.

My family bought Cebu Pacific tickets to Hong Kong (August) for the babies to enjoy Disney. Naturally, I booked and paid for everything (airline & hotel) online via my handy credit card. The last thing on my list was to add pages on my U.S. passport and apply for Santi's Philippine passport. The latter is giving me a major headache.

After collecting all the requirements needed for Santi --
1. NSO certified birth certificate
2. 3 photos with royal blue background
3. Mother's passport
4. Affidavit of Illegitmacy (because M and I are not married yet)

I went online to DFA Passport Direct expecting a hassle-free service. I have canvassed around. Most travel agencies charge P1,400 - P1,600 while this site only charges P1,300 for pick up of documents and delivery of passport to your home via Aboitiz to-go. I filled up the form, got a schedule of pick up, personal appearance at DFA, etc., After a few hours, I get a call from passport services:

Girl: Mam, do you own a Filipino passport?
Me: No, is there a problem.
Girl: Ayy... eh yung father ni Santiago. May passport? Baka siya nalang yung pwede sumama abroad.
Me: Yes but it its expired. But that's not the point. I AM THE MOTHER TRAVELING WITH MY SON.
Girl: Sorry but in your case we cannot process Santiago's passport application.

(This is where I totally bitched out on the passport service girl)

So, you see. The government makes it harder for people who are illegitimate or unmarried to live in the society. This is really unfair. Just because Santi and I do not have the same last name does not change the fact that I am his MOTHER! Well, the issue might be because I do not own a Philippine passport. If that is the case... What about Santi? Does he cease to exist and will not be able to travel because mom was born in another country and/or is not married (yet) to his father?

Hay. You know, only now I realize the importance of marriage and being LEGAL. It just makes things simpler.

Santi and I are outlaws.

Excuse me while I find out how to apply for a Philippine passport. BWISIT.

Monday, May 26, 2008

MMU means...

Mineral Makeup! Yes, after one year of hype...I have finally joined the bandwagon.

For my starter kit, I have invested in Monave and Everyday Minerals as recommended by my younger, vainer sister Dinx and Jen, my hot momma mentor/friend. I am very happy with the samples,baggies, etc. Yeah they have their MMU terms which I am quickly picking up. Hehe.

I guess this is me trying to be a better person. I tend to care for myself LAST as I prioritize Santi first. I know there should be a balance but I can't help it. So, this is a good start, right? Looking presentable whenever I can can jump start my yummy mummyness (not that I'm not!) But yeah, I've been totally putting off joining Yoga Pulse because 1. lack of funds and 2. still not that confident in leaving Sanch with anyone.

My big fear at the moment is having to attend a Pre Cana seminar which is a pre-requisite for the wedding. This is a 2 (full) day seminar from 8am-5pm and I am stressing over the whole Santi situation. Who will I leave him with for? If I take him with the maid, he sure won't be comfortable there and might disturb the class (they will not allow me for sure!) I am concerned about leaving him with my parents, the maid or anyone else is because he has never ever drank from a bottle succesfully (and slept after). Yup, I have managed to direct breastfeed him for over 1 year! I would've never imagined doing that you know. But I did.

You see, this is a HUGE problem. Should I pump and just hope that he feeds and konks out? Will leaving him result in trauma? C'mon..I never left him and leaving him suddenly for such a looong time (9 hours a day for 2 days) might just put some damage on him.

Look at me agonizing over this while my good friend is scheduled to leave for the U.S vacation sans her 7-month old baby for a full week. She plans to leave her with the yaya. Of course I told her she was CRAZY but what can I do...moms are built differently. I think it's just really sad that she will go alone because she does not know how to take care of her own baby! Saaaad.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Palawan Getaway

Our little family spent 7 days in Palawan from May 8-14 for Sancho's 1st birthday celebration. We couldn't have it any other way. Why spend so much money on a birthday party (obviously intended) for other people when you can spend it on the people that truly matter the most? Naks. The beach bum family conquers Palawan! We took Cebu Pacific because it is the cheapest option. The flight was an hour delayed though. That's the service you get for the price tag :P

Right when we arrived, we stayed in Casa Linda at Puerto Princesa. This is a clean and cheap pension only 2 minutes away from the airport via tricycle. Our bamboo inspired, air-conditioned room costs under P1,000 per night. M calls it 'spartan-like' amenities. Very basic. No wonder this place is famous within the backpacker community.

5 am the next day, we headed out to San Vicente via an uncomfortable, sardine-packed shuttle ride which lasted 6-hours because of all the stops (think jeepney ride). I can't complain because this is the cheaper way (P250 per head) as compared to renting a van which would cost about P3,500. San Vicente is the jump off point for several islands. There we took a 2-hour boat ride (should've been 1 hour but the waves were not cooperating).

We finally reached our destination- Coconut Garden, Cacnipa Island way past noon. It's a beautiful *super secret* beach resort with dormitory type rooms as well as private huts (no aircon here, just fan or none at all! Go au naturelle like we did, relying on the beachside breeze. An almost perfect island except for the food. Their menu consists of pasta, pork, beef, or canned tuna. You're in an island with no available fresh seafood except when there's catch which is rare I think. Strange. M says Palawan probably exports most of their seafood. We were supposed to stay for 4 days but we cut it to 3 days due to poor food selection. Sorry, can't live without glorious food! But I highly recommend this place for people who aren't so picky with food.

Nipa Huts with solar fan P860 per night only. For reservations text 09183702395. They have limited rooms / huts so best to call months ahead.

This is my favorite photo of the whole trip. We were low on diaper supply so M created a makeshift from his shirt! So fitting with Sancho's 100% organic top!

Sancho and mummy enjoying the only day the sun shined! Yes, I wasn't even able to swim because later that day it began to drizzle. Bummer. We made a mental note to travel in March or April and never in May because of the capricious weather.

Back in Puerto Princesa we stayed in Puerto Pension, another decent place made out of 'natural materials' for that exotic feel. Our small room costs P1,200- had air-condition and cable tv (yey!) plus free breakfast. It had better amenities than Casa Linda but we weren't so happy about the size of the room and location of the place. This is why we moved back to Casa Linda the very next day. Ha!

Culinary musts in Puerto Princesa

1. Kalui for their reasonable local food presented in an upscale manner. Reservation here is a must as they are always full for dinner. (369 Rizal Avenue, Tel. 933 2580)

2. Kinabuch, a stone throw away from Kalui, for the bar & grill type but very good food esp. their Pinakbet!
*Important fact: both Kalui and Kinabuch, a 2 minute walk away from Casa Linda! How convenient!

3. Vietville (I don't know why everyone was raving about it. They use Star Margarine for their french bread..yuck. Pho Hoa is heaps better!) just because it's a destination with a history.

4. Badjao Seafront - Sadly, I didn't get to try this but we hear they have good seafood.

5. Hainz Chicken Inato - Palawan's version of the Chicken Inasal. Take a 3-minute trike to this place from Rizal Ave.

I noticed trike drivers ask an average of P20 - P35 if you are Filipino but are not from the area. Locals pay only P6 per km :P I wonder how much foreigners end up paying?!

Places of Interests around Puerto Princesa
People ask us why bother visiting Puerto Princesa? Because it's the cleanest and greenest city in the whole Philippines! Also, it is the capital city of the world's last frontier! There is so much potential and we even are thinking of moving here in a few years!
Aloha House is an orphanage built by an American who is funded by an organization. To help raise money, they grow organic vegetables and even have organic farm animals. Have you ever tried organic bacon??? Interesting place. M went nuts and is now growing his own organic garden in our backyard because of this field trip.

Iwatig Prison Colony - There is a souvenir shop located inside their massive compound. M was able to buy and sneak out one of their orange prison shirts for P250. They warned him not to wear it in Palawan OR ELSE!

Kamarikutan Art Cafe - We enjoyed our quiet lunch here amidst trees and fish in the pond. Tip : wear insect repellent because there were tons of mosquitoes prowling about.

We skipped the Crocodile and Butterfly Farm because it was raining. My only regret is not being able to go to Honda Bay. We were looking forward to spending a whole afternoon at Dos Palmas (apparently the only resort at Honda Bay) for P1,800 lunch included. Sadly, the weather did not permit it. But I am hopeful there will be a next time :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Great Mother Gene

I get a lot of questions on how I am able to raise Santi without letting go of my principles- no yaya, direct breastfeeding (no bottles and pacifiers!), co-sleeping and velcro babying and babywearing.

Last night a non-mummy friend asked "Don't you get tired of that set-up?!". Last week my sister-in-law-to-be asked, "Aren't there times when you need time apart? Because I certainly do from my daughter!" Two of my good friends are mix feeding their daughters because mummy #1 thinks her boobs are sagging already and she only had a 6-month goal to breastfeed while mummy #2 started mix feeding with formula by her 3rd week of life because she couldn't take the fact that she could not do anything else anymore besides breastfeeding. She told me "We have guests all the time at home. It just doesn't fit our lifestyle!"

While I respect their personal views, these talks with other moms make me wonder... is this style of parenting simply a decision I made or am I truly cut out for this? Do some women have 'it', the great mother gene, in them while others don't? Gosh, I feel like comparable to Mother Mary the martyr.

I am so blessed I am not alone in this journey of the road less traveled. My kindred sister and co-yummy mummy Deng shares my passion, dedication and sacrifice for our boys. We may be a minority but little by little I am certain we are shaping the future through them ;)


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