Friday, February 29, 2008

Growing High Needs

I am posting this for Santi's Ninang Cri in Houston. Although she has not met him, she has been sending some of the grooviest gifts... like this shirt he is wearing. Thanks dude! You have spiced up his wardrobe which was getting dull with all the stripes and blue hues. Too bad it looks as if he is having a major brat attack.

Haaaaaaay, he is just one very little misunderstood person. My almost 10-month old cannot speak yet so he only uses crying as his communication tool. M's remark was, "Sanch, you have been crying for half of your life!" Yup, that is the painful truth. We have gone a long way from his newborn crying sprees, his colic nightmare and other more dramas in his short life. His temperament and character is shining through. Genetics play a major role (even this article agrees with me) and I have his father's DNA to blame :P

Gosh, I will have to deal with two very moody men in my life. Let's see how that'll work out!

Monday, February 25, 2008


These wedding preparations is making me want a full-blast vacation immediately right after! Yes, the call of intimate seclusion, the honeymoon. Definitely Sancho will be tagging along (no way will I leave him!), therefore, it won't entirely be intimate nor secluded but more like a happy family trip hence the title hunniesmoon :)

Amorita Resort in Panglao Island looks very inviting! My US-based older sister swears this resort is a must -considering they paid about $350 a night for their villa! But there are cheaper alternatives and the resort is offering packages that are... friendlier. My friend Rob posted some photos of the resort here.

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. My 'real' hunniesmoon wish is a trip to Europe but I am planting my feet FIRMLY on the ground :P

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thinking of Planning for Something

Santi is turning 1 in 3 months. Oh gosh, I really should be thinking of planning his very 1st birthday bash! To tell you quite honestly, I would rather spend the money on a beach trip with M and Sancho. He will be too young to appreciate the balloons, gifts, mascots and mayhem anyway! But M insist that his son deserves a decent first birthday - it's the only time we get together with all his godparents and other relatives too! Yada yada yada...

So, while happily munching on chocolate bits in my ice cream for dessert tonight, I googled 'Nestle ice cream' out of sheer net-surfing-boredom... Look what I discovered!

Nestle has ice cream party packages ranging from P850 (50 pax) to P2,900 (150pax). It's an interesting alternative to the usual dirty ice cream cart which is found in all kiddie parties nowadays.

Want to know what theme we have in mind for the party? A Mexican hat party catered by our ultimo favorit-o Mexicali!

I can just imagine the invite..."Sancho Wancho invites you to his Mexican Hat Party!"

But yeah... I don't know how the ice cream will fit in?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Truffles Please?

As Vday approaches, I have been craving for chocolates. Either cupid is ready to strike or I am about to get my period. I reckon the answer is both. Today, I received an e-flyer from Chef Laudico about his delicious and expensive truffles. Good thing I bought Theobroma's dark belgian chocolates with rice crispies at the American Woman's Bazaar earlier or else I would have pined for some all night long!

So, M... shall I expect some Leonidas from you on the 14th? :)

Friday, February 08, 2008

BLW Video

There are many BLW videos stored in my phone or laptop but this is the first one I am publishing. Here was Santi last Dec. 20 at 7 months munching on some apple wedges for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Daydreamy Rings

I have been looking around for wedding band designs and fell in love with this concept - 'Like Wearing a Love Letter', a series of jewelry by Colleen Baran. Dreamy and sweet.

This one below says 'I've loved you the moment I met you' and 'I always want to be your wife'. Now, isn't that romantic beyond words?!

M, being the corny person that he is, does not approve. But if I had it my way, I would not mind having something similar. This one below is entitled 'You See Me'. Simple yet dazzling at the same time. Magnifique!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Part Tres

On Wedding Preps...
9 months to go before THE DAY.

edding Date- check!
November 16, 2008 This was moved from November 22. Why? See explanation below.

Church - check!
Caleruega Our church was originally Archbishop's Palace but M and I wasn't too sold with it. The chapel had no meaning to us. Unlike Caleruega...well, we have both never been there until our recent trip BUT Tagaytay is a usual destination for us so...we were thrilled to find out that there was still an open slot! Course, we seized it right away!

Reception - check!
Sonya's Garden Since we plan on having an intimate wedding, I cannot think of any other venue that would be more perfect than this. I have always wanted a beach or garden wedding. It just sets the mood without much preparation. (ex. event stylist, floral arrangements). Yup, you got that right..I am not hiring a florist to do the venue since Sonya's Garden has flowers already!

Hair & Make-up - check!
Barbi Chan I chose her because I have worked with her already for a previous Marie Claire shoot here. Yep, she did me when I was 6 months preggy with Sanch! If she made me look so fab then...what more during the big day when I would be 80 pounds lighter?! No, I am not joking. I really gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy which I lost in no time due to being a hands-on mum, breastfeeding and baby wearing. Also, Barbi does not charge an arm and a leg which is just superb!

Designer for Entourage - check!
Teresa Hagape She was referred to me by Gia Bernardo-So who does coordination for weddings. Tet is very easy to talk to and love the fact that her prices are so reasonable. Yet another great find!
My inspiration for my maid of honor gown and below is for the flower girl. That's all I've booked for now. I have a loooong way to go but it's a good start! Next on my list - gown designer, photographer, florist, cake, and the list goes oooonnn. Please stay tuned for more on wedding preps ;)

On Mommyhood...

My right nip and breast is aching again. Oh bummer, another plugged duct. Pain, I say!!! Each time Sanch feeds, it feels as if he is teething on it. I just have to endure so that it will eventually go away. Or I could call Lita Nery, a lactation masseuse...but this will cost me P800. Let's wait and see how long I can stand the discomfort first :P

And in other mommy news---Guess who just gave birth? Noe! Noelle is a co-mumprenuer and was my friend since grade school in Assumption San Lorenzo. Her baby Kai surfed his way out of her last Jan. 27 at St. Luke's. Congratulations to another yummymummy!

We can't wait for Kai to grow up a little bit more so that he can join the 2 other boys...
It's going to be a RIOT with them! Just look at these two eagerly awaiting for their playmate.

Oh and last but not the least, did you notice that I changed the blog title? I no longer dream of the aurora borealis and summer sosltice. I only dream of uninterrupted sleep. Motherhood definitely changed me :) Yawn! Goodnight!


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