Sunday, January 20, 2008

Long Overdued Updates: Part Deux

Sancho's got his two front teeth! Yup, they emerged last Christmas. What great timing to the song 'All I Want For Christmas... is my two front teeth'. For those of you that breastfeed, I do get my share of nipple bites every day now. Ouchie! But that ain't stopping me. I wonder though if I will my nips will bleed or even fall off in case he gets gigil and decides to bite me really hard. Gross out city!

Gosh, my baby boy is already a big boy! And he is getting more gwapito day by day! I mean it... look at him here at almost 3 months..

doesn't he look more like a smurf or yeah...a platypus? Now I understand why Angelina Jolie called her own baby a 'blob' in an interview. They really look like blobs first! And us naman parents always believe that our babies are the cutest things on earth no matter what age. Ha. Buti na lang my baby boy is turning out to be a handsome young lad. See below.

This was taken during Christmas Eve right by the Manansala tree. I am wearing my peacock dress which I had made. Not bad for P350.

Ok, so we went to Baguio after Christmas and spent New Years at T-House, Tagaytay. Some photos of the much-needed vacation of dead-tired parents.

After shopping for alternative medicines in Ilog Maria
Stuff mommy bought:
1. Bee Propolis Probiotic - really awesome! M and I have not gotten sick since we started taking this to strengthen our immune system. I recommend that every household have this.
2. Vaginal Wash - refreshing. hehe.
3. Virgin Honey - I take this with my morning tea each day
4. Bee Pollen - complete food packed with all the nutrients. I take this for an energy boost instead of coffee.
5. Honey Cider Vinegar - paired with the Virgin Honey, this is excellent for digestive problems
6. Frozen Royal Jelly - Ideal for a good restful sleep - ha! Need that! Still wishing for uninterrupted sleep. hehehe
7. Hair Oil - good for my scalp. I use this instead of conditioner.
8. Honey Face Scrub - M loves this for his skin.
9. Face Oil - I use this instead of a moisturizer.

Yeah so I bought most of their products. They were only P100+ on average. I am a shop-whore like that and M hates it. I don't know when I'll be going there next so might as well stock up on these natural and organic products.'s also R&D for my INDIGObaby products you know! (finding an excuse)
In our Fire room in T-House. Sanch wearing the 60's long sleeves shirt M bought him.

Doin' the touristy thing with Sanch in a pouch

Where mommy & daddy had their first date in 2005

Santi just woke up from another short nap so I guess I owe a part tres to this entry. Sayonara!

The Long Overdued Post

Because this is a long over-dued post, I am naming it that.. The Long Overdued Post.

I have a million and one things to update you on but I will prioritize the most amazing one happened during the holidays....

1. Sancho (yep, another new nick) finally graduated from THE BALL! Can you believe that?! Neither can I! I seriously thought that I would bounce-him-on-the-stability-ball-while-nursing til he was a year old or something! Thank God it's over! How did it happen? Well...he quit cold turkey while we were on a trip to Baguio after Christmas. Yeah, just like that...he didn't need it. I just nursed him on the bed like how regular moms & babies do! You see, my little Santi has lesser or maybe different needs now.

Now I'm worried I might gain weight because he does not require that much motion that IS a real scare! Especially when I am trying to lose ten more pounds for the upcoming wedding (which brings me to update #2)

2. SAVE THE DATE! November 16, 2008 is our big day. Finally, we chose our church and reception venues - Chapel of Transfiguration, Caleruega & Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay.
LinkCaleruega chapel is BEAUTIFUL! Very quaint & intimate --- just perfect for our small wedding. We are only inviting 80 guests...the closest among family and friends. So, yeah I have been soooo busy planning for this. I am glued to and joined the Weddingsatwork yahoo group and got so addicted reading all the ratings of suppliers from brides. Every night, after Santi unlatches from my boob to sleep, I slowly creep out and research / read until 12 midnight. I am also building my personal wedding announcer site. (I won't present it yet until it's almost done)

Ok, I am too exhausted to go on with other more news so I'll just make a part 2 to this post. I need my sleep! Til the next one. Ciao!


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