Thursday, October 25, 2007

Indigo Baby Has Arrived!

To my readers, this is the reason why I have not been blogging much lately. My bestfriend and co-yummy mummy and I have put up our own business and it's crazy hectic! Imagine doing marketing, inventory, accounting, changing nappies and breastfeeding... cool mix, huh?!

Please do visit the site,spread the word to family/friends and buy from us so that we can continue to spend our time at home with our babies while making a living!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Frozen Brazo De Mercedes to die for! Eating a slice now for dessert while reading up on BLW. I can't wait to start with Santipants!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Baby Led Weaning

I have less than a month until the recommended age (6 months) for Santi to start on solids. I have been researching and reading as much as I can on this topic and found out about BLW (baby led weaning) through a Continuum Concept support group. At first I was confused because weaning is the farthest on my mind right now. I plan to breastfeed him forever! Haha Well, for as long as he wants. I'm surely going to get the blues once I wean him :(

But after reading several articles on BLW like this and this and this ... I finally got the concept. It does NOT necessarily mean weaning my baby. IN fact, BLW is the best transition to feeding for breastfed babies! Main therory here is a baby is ready to eat when he or she is physically able to do so. (ex. sitting upright, watching you eat like a vulture, reaching out for your food and putting the piece in his/her mouth) There is no mashing of food, making purees (thank god!) And it encourages good eating habits (none of that spoon feeding and running after your toddler during mealtimes!) This is very interesting and will definitely practice with Santi. He does watch me eat and reaches out for the food but I have yet to cook healthier meals. None of the trash I currently eat. Ha!

I am a sucker for information so I even joined a UK based BLW forum for tips and recipes! For those of you intrigued, search on youtube baby led weaning and you will see adorable videos of babies feeding themselves all sorta foodies like pears, toast and what not! Watch out for Santi's first few BLW sessions. I will take videos and post for ya'll ;)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Before I got pregnant, I had a very regular menstrual cycle. I did not follow any calendar schedules. I just followed the moon!

Each time the moon was full, I knew I was about to have my period. I always thought "hey, it's so cool that my cycle is attuned to nature's", but I never really read on it. Today, however, I came across the concept of lunaception and the correlation of the moon with the menstrual cycles. (There is such a thing after all!)

According to Wikipedia-- Traditional sources agree that the menstrual cycle is linked to the cycle of the moon. These sources generally indicate that women menstruate at the time of the new moon, and ovulate at the full moon.

The world and it's mysteries.... so fascinating!

Monday, October 08, 2007

30 Minutes of TORTURE

Yesterday, I drove the car while Santi was being held by my household help. (my all around maid who does the laundry, cooking & cleaning) This was NOT A GOOD IDEA. He freaked out the whole time- going to my destination and back. I could not concentrate on driving and felt so guilty that I was holding the wheel and not my baby. TORTURE! I vowed never to do that again. It is just heartbreaking! I would rather take a cab and be able to pacify my own son than drive and make baby and me miserable. That's that.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Welcome Sumi!

Welcome to this world little Sumi!

Jeri, gave birth to this darling of an angel last Sept 27 at the Makati Med via C-section (bummer). Seeing her so tiny at only 5 pounds makes me miss newborn Santipoo!

Our visit reminded me and M how FAST they grow!!! Here's a trippy photo of Santi in his once bassinet (we delivered him in the same, we literally went down memory lane)

It was M's idea to put our gigantic baby boy in that plastic thing. Look at those THUNDER THIGHS! He never liked it there by the way.

Going back to little Sumi... I feel for Jeri because she has latching problems. No one knows why. Jeri was told her nips are too small for Sumi to latch on. This is NOT a valid reason. In fact, small nips are easier to latch on according to a breastfeeding advocate. I can only assume that Sumi already has bottle nip preference. She was roomed in late and was given glucose water and formula :(

Months ago, newborn Santi latched on easily and refused to unlatch. When I unlatched him (because it hurt like hell then), he would wail oh-so-loud. So, I just let him suck non-stop overnight.

Knowing that there are other moms who have 'breastfeeding troubles' make me feel blessed that I never had that case. Perhaps rooming in early and standing ground to NO GLUCOSE WATER and NO FORMULA PLEASE FOR MY BABY did the trick. Someone once told me that giving a newborn anything more than breastmilk will decrease the chances of successful latching / breastfeeding. How can you feed a glucose-filled newborn tummy?

I sure hope Sumi latches soon!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baby Snob

Marc Jacob's Limited Edition little Marc Box... uber cool! That onesie is hilarious! Retails at $160.


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