Thursday, May 05, 2016

A Mother and Yogi's Balancing Act (with Vegan-Friendly Regetta Canoe!)

These days, my life's been extra challenging as I balance my duties as a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and yoga teacher. If you have been following my blog posts, you would know that we lost our household helpers a few months back so my husband and I have been tag-teaming chores and caring for our kids in between earning money to survive. I legitimately know how it feels to be independently responsible for yourself. It's like I have been living inside a bubble for a time and now that it has bursted, reality strikes. I am currently questioning all these I being prepared for something bigger here?

I received an email invite to attend Regetta Canoe's Philippine launch in Susi, a gluten-free and vegan resturant in Bonifacio High Street. I took the opportunity to get a quick break from my kids and domestic errands. I am still currently nursing my 26 month old daughter so any time apart from her truly helps the weaning process (which I plan to complete this year!)

A media event wouldn't normally push me to philosophical questioning but because the theme of the afternoon was all about finding balance, (the shoe supposedly does help with this and posture!), I looked inward.

As a yoga practitioner, I know that balancing poses embody the struggles that we experience in life so we may be able to outwardly manifest our strength to pursue all that is necessary with grace and endurance.

Here is my really cute pair of Regetta Canoe which we took on to the streets of BGC and a little patch of grass where we were asked to do some poses that required us to balance for prizes. Lucky yoginis in my group had the advantage of flexible limbs! Watch our super fun Boomerang photo on Instagram @dharmadreams with #RegettaCanoePH to see our winning post for the day!

What are the important features of the Regetta Canoe shoe?

- corrects posture of the body
- reduces impact on feet
- arch support for increased blood circulation (yay for traveling!)
- lessen feet fatigue
- crafted with special heel and toe guard to protect from bumps for klutzy people like me!
- last but not the least, is its vegan philosophy: animal-free and cruelty-free in design and production!

A photo-ception of our beloved Regetta Canoe pairs.

Regetta Canoe is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group and is available at selected Res Toe Run stores nationwide. Visit or follow @RegettaCanoePH on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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