Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Learning The Art of Bento

If we define roles in the house in a very conservative way, you might agree that women have more knowledge in the kitchen as mothers do the nurturing. I, on the other hand, have been in the minority of clueless ones when it comes to food preparation! Let me clarify. I am kitchen-challenged- not necessarily helpless. It takes a whole lot more effort for me to prepare a meal for my family compared to my friendly neighbor Jane who can cook up a delicious storm with no sweat. I guess we all have our personal gifts and cooking isn't in my cards. Boohoo. Thanks to my husband who I fondly call as my "chamba-chef" (Why? He produces hit or miss meals, LOL!), we are currently surviving (yes, keyword!) with our absolutely no-household help tag team. 

Recently, Heinz x Bento By Kat collaborated for a Bento workshop and invited kitchen challenged me, hurray! Seriously though, I crave to learn. Just because I currently suck in the kitchen doesn't mean I can't try, right? Thankfully, our workshop didn't include any cooking, just food preparation only.

Some of the ingredients we started off with---

Tada! Here is my finished product :) Compared to the other moms who totally kicked ass in design, I am probably on the bottom of the pit but... who cares! When I showed my masterpiece to my kids later on, they were delighted. "Oooh pretty food!" they must have thought. With practice, I'm confident that I will get better. When school starts after the summer break, I hope to continue to create cute looking baon (Filipino word for packed meals) for my son.

So, you thought Heinz only has ketchup? Think again! I was amazed at the selection and how many of their products are available here in the Philippines.

Thank you to Kat Maderazo and the Heinz Philippines team for inviting me to participate. I learned an introduction to the beautiful art of Bento and I cannot wait to do more for my kids' sake!

photo care of Em Sulit

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