Friday, April 01, 2016

A Family That Eat Differently, Yet Stay Together

(OK, the Virgo Mommy Me is very much annoyed at that piece of tissue on the table but what can I do when I've got two famished kids hurrying me up so they can eat?! I don't have another decent photo of all our meals that day so this will have to do. Sorry folks for that mess! :P LOL)

This is what a typical family meal with the Manzanos look like. I ordered the Grilled Fish Fillet, my son the Classic Roast Chicken and my husband, the Grilled Steak. I wasn't able to capture my side order of Mandarin Salad because I ate it up before I could even photograph (Silly me, toink!) 

My daughter who is 2 years old pretty much has the same diet as I do. She doesn't have the consciousness to choose for herself just yet so I've got her on my (green) team. And I intend to keep her there for as long as I can, yay! On the contrary, my husband is a meat-eater and apparently, so is my son these days because (according to Waldorf Education) the formative years of 7-14 fall under the influence of the father more than the mother. Boohoohoo. Although I am on the opposite end of their diet spectrum, eating mostly plant-based dishes, I have chosen not to judge (believe me, this is hard) their food choices because I believe that we each have our own journey and karma to process. Perhaps my karma is being married to my husband, as he is married to me? Not necessarily a bad thing despite our differences.

They say, marry someone exactly like you. Well, I beg to differ. Opposites do attract because there are life lessons to learn from one another. If we all turned out to be the same kind of people, with the same values, views and attitudes, the world would be a very boring place to live in. So, I acknowledge that fact that we need variety and choices.

Kenny Rogers provides a wide range of food options for all kinds of food preferences. Did you know they have an awesome Mango Smoothie? It is absolutely perfect to cool you this summer! I'm craving for that right this instant. Yuuum.

Visit your nearest Kenny Rogers branch for your next family meal and see all the choices yourself :)

This is an advertised post. However, all opinions are truly of my own.

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