Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mom School Learning Through Play with Sun Life

Last Saturday, I was invited by Janice of Mommy Mundo to participate at Mom School with Sun Life. I eagerly joined because of the educational nature of the event which I used as a bonding activity with my older child. (I make sure we have weekly dates!) We played their newest product, Praxis, a really genius board game similar to Monopoly. It teaches all the principles of saving and economics through play. I so sooooo love this concept! 

I am a believer of learning through play which I speak a lot about here on this blog because I am a Waldorf Education advocate (where learning is based on real play, imitation, movement, etc.) as well as my travel blog on kids where we learn through travel, mostly outdoors.

Lessons Learned

Well, in that single session I learned so much about how crucial it is to be saving and investing because of unforeseen emergencies which we experienced first-hand on the game board! 

I admit, I am not fond of "worrying" and saving for the future because I have a "live today as if it is your last day on Earth" attitude. I honestly would rather spend my money on travel and food :P My husband truly balances me out because he grounds me in many ways (like in finances!).

Again, I was reminded that we do need passive income if we want money to be working for us.

The data for the Mocha Frapuccino Savings Study proves that if you spend on coffee everyday for a year, it amounts to over P50,000 which could be invested and in 40 years amount to over 2 Million pesos! Wow. That's radical discipline for me. A huge lesson on my part to commit to saving for 40 years!

Sun Life a wide range of products and services: investments and insurance plans which will suit any of your family's needs. I was surprised to learn they even have kasambahay / nanny cards which can help add value to your contracts. Perhaps this is a game changer when considering loyalty to work and employers which is what we all currently need, right?

To learn more about Sun Life's offerings, please contact an agent who will help you learn the meaning of financial freedom. I know I need the help!

Sun Life of Canada, Philippines
2/F Sun Life Centre
5th Avenue corner Rizal Drive
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City 1634
Tel No. 849-9888

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