Sunday, March 06, 2016

Anahata Exchange

76 weeks ago I posted this image on my Instagram feed (@dharmadreamsbig)

"I would like to believe that paper money is NOT the only form of currency available for people to thrive and enjoy products & services.  
To test it out within my sphere, I am doing an Energy Exchange project because I know we all have something meaningful we can share. 
Here's how it works: I will offer pop up yoga in exchange for anything that you think is worth the class. Ex. plants, organic / farm products (fruits / vegetables), homeopathic remedies, massage. meditation/art/diy workshops, homemade pastries or any loving made food item, books on healing, science .anatomy or wellness, any natural toys or materials my kids can use for learning, gcs...whatever!"

Well, it took more than a year for this project to manifest because the idea needed another soul for it to kickstart. When I met my friend Allenie, I knew that we had the same vibrational frequency for spreading positivity in our circles so we decided to team up and look for other community members (still on the look out!) to create Anahata Exchange which has been recently put up on Instagram @anahataexchange and on Facebook as a community page.

So what is Anahata? Anahata in Sanskrit means Heart. The community is all about sharing the love energy. In a nutshell it's all about living freely, spreading positivity, trading as currency, and supporting local products and services. One of the projects of Anahata Exchange is the Barter Classes 101. See infographic below:

I did my first Anahata Exchange yoga class at Mandala Park in Shaw Mandaluyong a few weeks back. 

The past few days, I have been exchanging kombucha starter kits for things that I need like a cake stand, a hilot massage and food!

If this kind of thing interests you, please do join the Anahata Exchange community on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. We would love to exchange energies with you! We've all got something to share. Money is over-rated, when there is an abundance of talent and goods among us people so let us empower ourselves!

See you in one of the Anahata Exchange pop ups and events!

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