Monday, February 22, 2016

Body Rituals with Mustela Maternite

Just like Cleopatra, I've got tons of body rituals to make me feel, look and smell divine! To add to the meticulously chosen products I currently use on my body is the latest range by Mustela Maternite. While I am not pregnant, I do have battle scars from my previous pregnancies. I am glad Mustela addresses these real concerns for us women.

The Stretch Marks Recovery Serum and Body Firming Gel are now both part of my daily body ritual especially summer months are soon arriving. Let's wait and see if I see improvements on my skin in the next few weeks (together with a more active lifestyle and healthy eating!)

Now what I do love about Mustela is that they have tackled controversial ingredients which they have excluded from their products. This is lifted from their website:
In order to ensure the safety of pregnant women and their future babies, the following ingredients have been excluded:- Parabens, phenoxyethanol
- Halogenated derivatives (Chlorphenesin and Triclosa, for example, which can be irritants and cause allergies)
- Alcohol, which when used as a solvent helps substances to be absorbed into the skin

Thank you, Mustela Philippines!

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