Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Aloe Cure For Stomach Acidity

Years ago, I used to suffer a lot from horrible stomach acidity. I would curl up in my bed writhing in pain whenever I would get the attacks. A visit to the alternative doctor confirmed that these were stress induced. I did certain changes to my lifestyle, mostly dietary choices and then became more vigilant with my yoga and breath practice.

I no longer get these attacks on a regular basis but just a few days ago I had one! Because I had these green folks in the fridge, I gave it a go and I did feel better almost instantly. I am glad to know there is a dietary supplement made from organic aloe vera that soothes the digestive system. I will definitely be drinking this good stuff to alkalinize my body more!

GOOD TO KNOW: Aloe Cure contains a natural buffer called malic calcium which neutralizes hot acid over a long period of time to maintain proper acid levels which is key to nutrient absorption.

These products are available at Watson's and

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