Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Simple Tool to Jumpstart My Fitness Revolution

Yes, I hear the message from the Universe loud and clear. I need to start getting off my butt and moving more. There couldn't be a more proper time for this tool to be reviewed by me!

The Review

The little klutz in me had a bit of a challenge following the (simple!) instructions, getting to lock the band and the LEDs to light up but once successful, it was pretty neat having something so light work so well at tracking how much movement I make measuring 'my steps' per day. After awhile you won't even notice you are wearing the thing. I love how the battery charges so quickly from your laptop and lasts up to 5 days!

I have to admit that my first day tracking was a shock - I didn't reach my quota of 10,000 steps! I don't move much considering that I work online and blog more often these days. My shocking realization was I needed to boost movement... so I purchased myself a stability core ball from Toby's so that at least I can use my core muscles when seated for laptop work. And when my kids want to start playing with the ball, it is a sign for me to stop static work and just MOVE!

Another great idea I had was when my 9 year old son wanted to borrow the Fitbit for a day. Aha! Maybe I could track how much he moves and compare and inspire me to move as much. Perhaps we could do a game of how much more steps we could do if we did certain activities and work outs.

What tools do you use to motivate you to move?

Available at Beyond The Box branches or Digital Walker stores.

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