Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I am a 100% Whole Mom

Last week I was invited by my dear friend Carla to a Whole Mom Christmas Gathering at the Aruga  at The Grove by Rockwell. If you haven't heard about this group yet, under which rock do you live in? Kidding aside, you must start following Cheska Kramer, Marilen Fautino-Montenegro and Carla a.ka. Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio for their Whole Mom workshops and events that focus on the 'Mother' as opposed to children in most other Mommy events these days. Their purpose is to "inspire moms to make happen homes, embrace her beautfy and nurture the heart." Beautiful purpose, right?  

Which made me think: "What makes me WHOLE?" Is it my husband, my children, the work that I do? No, I am already whole even if you strip all that matter in my life. And where do I tap energy from? The Source of it all. Call if God, The Light, The Universe, Jesus, Allah or whoever you believe in. I must always remember to connect to something greater than myself because only from my own wellspring of energy I can share my light to my family and the rest of the world. 

Thank you to the ladies behind this #MindfulMotherhood project. A happy mom does make a happy family! But a mindful mom makes an extra happy family, in my eyes :)

See photos from this marvelous Christmas event made possible by their brilliance :)

100% whole mom even and company justine justine arce gabunlamag

100% whole mom giveaways

100% whole mom honey glazed cakes

100% whole mom monica manzano

I was certainly glad to be part of their Christmas celebration! I felt extra lucky that day, too as I won gift certicate from Agoda for a stay in one of their Hong Kong properties. Woohoo! I can't wait to find out more details on that awesome win!

See more photos by searching the hashtag #100percentwholemom and #wholemomph <3 p="">

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