Monday, October 12, 2015

Mothers Who Brunch: Spooky Edition

It takes a lot for me to drive waaay south. But because it was a special invite by Mothers Who Brunch doing a Spooky Edition on the month of Halloween. How can I say no? This is the favorite holiday of my son next to Christmas (Can you guess why? ;P) Yes, yes it's because of all the sweet treats allowed annually.

Someone is definitely in his element! Look at that smile! Boqueria Lifestyle Market, your styling skills are uh-mazing! Must learn in future workshops from you girls! 

When we arrived at the Viking Range showroom, Sabrina Go of Sinfully Sabrina and Michelle Aventajado of Momma 'N Manila were cooking up a storm! I look up to them because I am a challenged cook. I like making green smoothies because you just cut up and blend everything - no cooking involved! Maybe I should attend more of these events to learn how to cook for the sake of my husband and kids!!!

Here are just some of their utterly delicious creations that I was able to photograph before leaving for another event...

This lavender lemonada was so refreshing! I must make this with the lemons I took home from Lemons and Greens!

This was one of my favorites...the genius Graveyard Taco Dip! I had to stop myself from snacking on this before eating formally began. Such a creative dish idea for a party!

The kids found this Shrunken Head Apple Juice Punch so entertaining! This is definitely another winning idea. I asked who carved the apples and Sabrina said "Me!" Love how hands on these ladies are!

These are chicken pesto sandwiches shaped like coffins. Brilliant, right? Oooh I love DIY!!!

And here's the yummiest AND healthiest snack! Kale chips popped in the oven with Zin Gourmet  Finishing Salt. My daughter and I can finish this whole bowl!

And now get your eyes ready for desserts....

cupcakes by sonja halloween

cakeshop by sonja halloween

cakeshop by sonja spooky edition

The full set up by Cupcakes By Sonja and Cakeshop by Sonja! I couldn't stay until the very end but I swear I would've nibbled on every bit of it if I had stayed. Obviously, sweets are my weakness!

The hosts thoughtfully included a children's activity during the event. Engineering For Kids taught them how to make ice cream from scratch using only their hands! My son was so very interested because ice cream is his favorite dessert of all time! Yay!

While the ice cream workshop was happening, mothers were sewing their halloween loot bags below. I couldn't join because I also wanted to learn how to make ice cream! Lol!

Here's my son giving his own cream + milk + sugar a good shake for his soft ice cream. It's always so magical when we learn how to make things with our own hands! We must repeat this process with organic goats milk and organic coco sugar... I wonder if it will taste as good?

"Look, Mom! It's Ice Cream!"

What a success! Thanks, Engineering For Kids

How lovely is this Pottly N Tubby play tent?!

Each child got to take home a handmade plush toy from Ant's Pocket, yay!

Look at how happy we were drinking that Lavender-Lemonada! I'm really going to test it tomorrow with my DoTerra Lavender pure essential oil and lemons. Let's see how that turns out!

Pam Begre and Monica Manzano

Seriously, the struggle is real! How do you ever get your kids to face the camera for a decent photo?!

Monica Manzano

Of course, there is a breastfeeding photo of me and my little one. #BreastfeedAnytimeAnywhere 

mothers who brunch spooky edition photo

Many thanks to all the sponsors who made this event possible! 

Ants Pocket, Cupcakes by Sonja, Cakeshop by Sonja, Engineering For Kids, Coco Natura, Boqueria Lifestyle Market, Clorox, Whisk, Jamfoods & Co., Lemons and Greens, Glad, Whisk, Manila Bulletin, Zin, Viking Range and of course, the duo behind Mothers Who Brunch!

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