Thursday, August 06, 2015

Choose Otterbox for On-The-Go Lifestyles

Be honest: are you a klutz like me who drops the phone a lot and hope / pray / beg it lasts over a year? It seems like it's a real concern for many! OtterBox the current global leader in mobile device protection says so. Engineered to withstand drops, bumps, and tumble, their phone cases is definitely in high demand!

With origins from a home in Colorado (a place I have yet to visit for the great outdoors and YOGA!), they have expanded to global offices worldwide due to it's growth since it's humble birth in 1998.

Tenkiebox, the official distributor in the Philippines, introduces 3 new product lines to hit their stores this weekend! You have the option to choose from various styles depending on your preferred lifestyle.

From the beautiful and very manly Strada series...(the perfect gift for Daddies!)

To the chic My Symmetry single clear cases with changeable design inserts for people like me that get tired of how things look really quickly...

To the practical and functional Symmetry Folio covers.

And there's good news! If you're one of the first 100 who purchases any of their 2 new products (from the Strada series or Symmetry Folio), you'll be given a limited edition leather card case or the 3-in-1 phone lens (which I totally love by the way!)! Awesome, right?

Otterbox is available in kiosks nationwide
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