Friday, July 03, 2015

Wellness Warriors: Teresa Herresa and Bianca Elizalde

It is so amazing when the universe aligns because you do. Just recently I launched the #DharmaRebootCamp on my Instagram page and here on the blog not just to inspire my friends who are trying to keep fit, but mostly to inspire MYSELF to stay on the right track to fitness and health. It is in pursuit of a more WHOLISTIC me. Postpartum bodies take time to regain their strength and shape. So, here I am documenting my journey.

Is it beautiful timing that Teresa and Bianca invited The Flow Team to talk about wellness? I think it is when we ride the wave of consciousness and flow, it helps manifests your pure intentions.

The Wholesome Table in Salcedo was set as a lush jungle in an urban abode for last week's Global Mala press launch. Craftsmith Living did a brilliant job styling the interiors! Bravo! 

Model, Host and Yoga teacher, Teresa Herrera was ultra glowing that day. Not only is she preparing for her first baby, "The Global Mala Project" this September, she is also expecting her very own baby coming soon. Talk about double nesting!

I took Teresa's Trance Dance Yoga class many many years ago, just before uprooting my family to move to Palawan, Philippine's last frontier. That class was truly cathartic. You move your body non-stop until it comes into this blissful state of awareness. There's shouting, too, as a form of energy release! Try to recall this scenario: You're on the dancefloor circa 1999... sans the ectasy. If you haven't tried Trance Dance yet, find a local teacher near you or get yourself a Shiva Rea DVD. All the fibers of your being will thank you, trust me :)

Teresa is excited to bring together many of the yoga teachers and studios in Manila to unite for a special cause, just as the founder, Shiva Rea intended The Global Mala Project to be - a true catalyst for change. 100 percent of proceeds of this event will go to charity. The chosen organization this year is Children's International. Tickets of this event will be sold at participating yoga studios and through online sites. To know more details and promos, follow the hashtag #GlobalMalaManila2015 on social network feeds.

Bianca spoke about her drastic life-changing shift in her life through diet. Her journey to healing began when she shunned white processed sugar and gluten from her daily food intake. She shared that it started as a Lent sacrifice and then saw positive changes in her body thus, she decided to make the changes permanent because she can't imagine sliding back into eating habits that make her feel miserable. Listening to her sparked a longing in me for change. And so this journey to health continues with gurus / guides showing up and teaching me a thing or two about finding my path.

We sampled the breakfast menu of Wholesome Table's Salcedo branch which is what you would expect Bianca to eat - clean, organic and fresh. 

Fresh salad greens

Truffled Mushroom Toast

Gluten Free Pancakes

Gluten Free Waffles

Cheers to health from the wellness warriors! May you continue to motivate the people of Manila to better lifestyle choices. 

The Global Mala Project in Manila
September 26, 2015
White Space, Pasong Tamo, Makati City

The Wholesome Table
Salcedo and BGC branches / Soon to open in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons

Craftsmith Living: I really must visit their shop real soon! I've seen so much good things on their Instagram account and I terribly need a dose of home inspiration now that I'm Komari-ing my life space. Who has read the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up?

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