Saturday, July 11, 2015

STRIP IT! Waxing for Wednesday Wellness Warriors

If you've been following the FLOW blog, you would know about Wednesday Wellness Warriors by now. Woo it's a tongue twister what I just said! It's a short 1-2 min video presentation by The Flow Tribe that features all things we love.

Since we all frequent the beach, we headed to STRIP and Browhaus for some womanly maintenance. I opted for the half-leg wax which I think STRIP has completely mastered. I only trust them because they are probably the only institution that trains their staff for at least 3 months. No wonder their service is so on point.

STRIP also takes pride in their high quality products used on their clients.

I should stop scrunching up my forhead that way but really, I was at ease the whole session because unlike other waxing salons, STRIP has the most comfortable process and is the fastest in getting the job done, too!

If you want to watch what went on that day, hop on to the Flow YouTube channel here.

Thank you, STRIP and Browhaus. You guys rock!

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