Monday, July 27, 2015

Grandma El's Products Reviewed

I seriously love reviewing products that I can use for myself and my kids. Grandma El's has a full product line that is baby-safe, pediatrician recommended and doesn't include parabens, preservatives, phtalates, SLS and these nasty chemicals: sodium borate, benzalkonium chloride, boric acid, calcium undecylenate, hexachlorophene, p-chloromercuriphenol, phenol, resorcinol and triclosan

The Tear-Free Gentle Baby Shampoo is fantastic because compared to other bath and body soaps, Maya doesn't shriek anymore whenever suds gets into her eyes. Plus, she's old enough to have a separate product for her hair which tends to smell funky whenever she gets food or sweats from play outside. The Tear-Free Gentle Baby Wash smells really good, too. Not too overbearing. Mild so it's just right for babies. Remember that they sense things much more than adults because they do not have filters yet so please bear in mind the products you use have very little or no fragrance (all natural is best!)

I'll let you in on a secret. I've been stealing Maya's stash of Gentle Baby Lotion. Because I feel her young baby skin doesn't need any lotion just yet especially in our climate. So, I am using it all up for myself! Made with Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Calendula ... these are some of my favorite ingredients when I do make my own skin products!

Grandma El's is best known for their Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention which was formulated by a skin specialist and cosmetic chemist. I've been using this as well as the Mustela diaper rash cream. The difference is that Grandma El's reminds me of Lucas Papaw's Ointment (it probably uses the same ingredients) when lathered while Mustela is cream-based. So far, they both work fine on my little one's bum. When I am out or traveling and know she will be wearing disposable diapers (I'm curently using Huggies Dry Pants), I make it a point to protect her skin with these product barriers as an effective diaper rash prevention. So far, so good!

I've lifted from the website of Grandma El's 18 more uses of its Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention:

Cradle Cap
Chapped Cheeks
Dry Nose
Cracked Heels
Rough Elbows
Heat Rash
Stretch-mark Reduction
Cold Sores
Razor Burn
Chapped Lips
Cuts & Scrapes
Soften Callus
Scar Reduction
Dry Patches

Grandma El's full product line is now available in Babyland, Robinson's Grocery Stores, and Rustan's Department Stores.

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