Monday, July 13, 2015

#DharmaRebootCamp: Botanical Cleaning at Belo

Almost a decade ago (which almost feels like many lifetimes ago!), I used to work for Belo Medical Group. I started in their Marketing Team then moved to Public Relations before I left because I was already about to give birth to Santi. I have very fond memories with the Marketing and PR team because more than workmates, we all became good friends :)

Lately, my skin has been dry - on the sides of my nose and close to my scalp. I am bringing awareness of the matter by talking to skin experts. To start of with #DharmaRebootCamp on my skin, visited Belo in the newly renovated branch in Greenhills. WOW! This clinic now has 3 floors and is also the home of their business offices.

This is the room for consultation with their skin doctors.

The room for aestheticians

And this is their demo room where I had my own Botanical Cleaning facial with Rochelle. 

I chose to do the Botanicals Cleaning because it makes use of an all-natural exfoliating scrub to gently remove my skin's impurities and smoothen my skin texture. Rochelle says that this is good for all skin-types.

Rochelle's hands were so gentle on my sensitive skin and her voice was so soothing. I can imagine others could easily fall asleep while in session.

This is one of the products used - The oxygen enzyme infused with pure oxygen.

I was reminded that I need to be vigilant in applying my sunscreen due to exposure from harmful UV rays, even from my laptop and indoor lights. How could I forget this?!

Thank you, Rochelle for answering all my questions and being so awesome on my skin! 

Belo Medical Group
Hotline: (02)8192356

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