Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5 Step Journey to Potty Training

*Warning: this post uses descriptive language not suitable for imaginative minds.

1. Elimination Communication: Believe me when I say that Maya has been potty trained for pooping since birth. For pee, partially.

After reading about EC online more than 8 years ago and then reading this book given to me by my co-parent at the Waldorf school, I knew I had to try it on Maya because I didn't get to do it with my son. Having had a successful natural birth with Maya gave me the energy to be more on top of my game. With Santi's c-section, I was glued to my bed during the first few days.

Be prepared to turn into a hawk if you want to catch your baby's drippings because you'll have to watch and decipher their facial and body language for signs of elimination. Arm yourself with a tabo too for quick catches. The reason why I stopped it with catching the pee because it was a looot of work. And at that time (first few months of her life), I also didn't have a yaya or an all around help. How do others without yayas do it?! The pooping is fairly easy because babies have that poo face. Just calmly take him or her to the toilet seat and do the number 2 there. That's what I've been doing since. Yes, we've had a few accidents but we've been more successful than not.

2. Mamas and Papas Toilet Seat : I won this amazing child toilet seat during the Mom-Me event many months ago. It is so cool because when not in use, you may turn it into a bathroom stepper.

Honestly, I use the regular toilet seat for Maya whenever I catch her pee and poop because I get to hold her in a certain way that pressed into her digestive tract which helps elimination. However, the kiddie toilet seat is situated in our shower area so she can sit and play while pretending to pee or poop to get herself comfortable as it is perfectly suited to her height.

3. Cloth Diapering: We are all familiar with the obvious benefits to cloth diapering. Not only is it earth-friendly, it decreases the possibility of diaper rash. I make it a point that Maya wears cloth at home. Immediately after she wakes, her bum is actually free of anything so her private parts can also breathe.

The best one I have found so far is from Fluffy Pwets which I purchased from the last Mommy Mundo Bazaar. It is pricey at 1,100-1,400php per piece depeding on fabric but I just love the fit! The sizing is from newborn to toilet training-age; wish I had started using them earlier! For a budget-friendly option, you may choose to use Next9 cloth diapers available at INDIGObaby. It costs 1,000php for 3pcs.

4. Panty-like Diapers

Egad! Yes, it's true. I use Huggies diapers half the time at home and most especially when traveling because of its pure covenience. I'm known to my peers as an eco-conscious mother but I am also very practical, down to earth and truthful. I will not pretend otherwise.

The reason why I choose to use Huggies is because of their Dry Pants product which has a very economical design. It wears just like a panty would! When Maya signals to me that she needs to poo or pee, I simply pull her nappies down before going to the toilet. The nappy is clean and I am able to reuse without fuss.

5. Moonshine Baby Bottom Spray

This is by far my most favorite combat gear for nappy changes. Tried and tested for 8 years and counting! Not only is it all-natural, the lavender pure essential oil smells absolutely divine which can help mask poo or spit ups! Unlike wipes which can get very heavy to acrry, I bring this bottle with me wherever I go because it is also travel-friendly. I personally use it as an soap alternative when I do not trust the public toilet's soap ingredients (Yes, I'm that kind of person!). Purchase online from INDIGObaby.

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