Monday, December 15, 2014

What's Inside "The Bliss Box"?

Of all the days my daughter's teething fever could have erupted, it had to choose one of the busiest days I had in my planner and the very same day of the Blissmakerie event by Martine of Make It Blissful. As a mother, family comes first so I had to miss this exciting event at Scarsdale Artisanal Delights (!) dedicated to some of the game changers and promising talents in the Manila blogging scene. 

Despite me feeling utterly devastated for having missed a wonderful get together of creative forces (I was ogling at all the photos! Check #Blissmakerie2014 on IG!), I know there will be another time so I look forward the the 2015 events!

Thanks to Martine who thoughtfully saved me a Bliss Box and hand carried it as we met up quickly in our neighborhood mall for a quick chat in between mommy errands and work. 

So, what's in the Bliss Box anyway? Oh, it seems all things blissful, of course! Martine curated some of her favorite brands that have products to remind all recipients to take care of themselves. 

Hurraw! All Natural Lipbalm from one of my favorite go to shops

A treat for my smoothies! Tahitian Organic Vanilla Bean from The Vanilla Company 

For Maya's bedside table! A Vanilla scented wooden Bear from A Vanilla Story

For Mommy :) Philosophy's Hope In A Jar and Microdelivery Wash and Facial GC

Craftsmith Living postcards and gift tags which are so useful this Christmas. I have yet to visit their showroom for some design inspiration.

Watercolor postcards from

A nail polish brand I personally use and collect myself! Zoya is 3-free and safe (enough) for preggies and moms

Much-needed Mommy flats from Yosi Samra

Jean Perry Hand Towel from

Heima Store Olive Room Spray

The box itself was from Print Cafe. I collect these boxes for all my art and crafts supplies at home. 

I want to thank Martine for putting this all together! And to the sponsors for all my early Christmas presents! Yes, this Bliss Box is a wonderful package for all women, mother or not, to care for themselves because we can only give from what we have. On an energetic perspective, it makes so much sense!

I look forward to 2015 Bliss boxes! Watch out for it :)

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