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Yummy Mummy: Jo Tiongson-Perez

Name: Jo Tiongson-Perez
Snowball fun.  Winter 2010, Photo by

Child:  Chloe Martine Perez, 3 years old

Occupation:  Co-founder

Your Dharma or Life's Purpose

I’ve always loved this saying by Rumi: 

"Every object, every being is a jar full of delight.  Be a connoisseur."

It’s always a choice to stay open to the “signs” and the awe-inducing moments in life.  Sometimes, it’s easy to get stuck in a moment and endlessly mull over things we have no control of.  But what a big waste of time, and we have so little of it!  There’s a lot to learn from children who are born connoisseurs.  Life’s one big adventure they can’t wait to experience with all five senses! 

People Who Inspire You
  • John Wood (Leaving Microsoft to Change the World)
  • Greg Mortensen (3 Cups of Tea)
  • Craig Kielburger (Free the Children)

All three left the comforts of their cushy jobs and lifestyles to ask themselves a simple question:  What can little me do to create big change?  Their commitment to literacy and children’s rights became the driving force behind punypixel.

My husband, a photojournalist, whose way of seeing things has always challenged me to see past the contrived.  I love how he can go from hard news to a lazy Sunday afternoon shot of me and Chloe, completely unaware that we’ve been caught in such a genuine moment of silly happiness.

My three year old, Chloe whose insatiable curiosity is always, always teaching me to “un-limit” my sense of the world.

Spinning tea cups at Disneyland, 2011 California.  Photo by
And Coco Chanel.  Because she had the boldness and creative instinct to wear the clasp of her pearl necklace in front when everyone else was wearing it backwards.

 Favorite Family Getaway

Wherever there’s soft sand, blue sea & clear sky, that’s our little piece of getaway heaven.

My endless blue.  Amanpulo, Palawan, 2006  Photo by     
Precious Moments In Motherhood

First 3 days:  WHAT precious moments?
First 3 months:  OK, maybe that little smile just undid all the crazy 3 am crying, feeding and changing.
First 3 years:  Experiencing all of Chloe’s “firsts,” never have I laughed, cried, and danced the hardest all at once!  I don’t want the toddler years to end!

Dreams Realized

Every day Chloe chooses to say sorry when she’s wrong, ask someone who’s hurt if they’re okay or waits patiently instead of throwing a tantrum tells me that hey, as parents, we must be doing something right.

Every day I choose to say sorry even if I really secretly believe I’m right, ask someone if they’re okay when I really can’t stand their guts, or find my center instead of having a cow is a step closer to finding a better version of myself.

They say “working mother” is a redundant phrase.  Juggling family and career alongside launching punypixel is a balancing act kind of dream come true!

Dreams To Be Manifested

See succeed as a social enterprise where ROI can be anchored to social impact.

See more of the world which includes taking Chloe on an African Safari when she turns 8.

Apple picking in the fall, 2011, Linvilla Orchards.  Photo by

Finally produce the short film I’ve written, “Time Out.”  It’s about an insomniac who meets a sleepwalker and it all happens in one day.  

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