Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yoga-filled Day!

Yesterday was intense! A few years back, I dedicated my life to teach, do and breathe yoga...then the universe started giving me exactly that. These days are filled with YOGA and I'm loving it :)

Before asana in class, we chant prayers from the Yoga Sutras

I started with Sandhi Ferreira's Jivamukti open level class at Beyond Yoga...she was fantastic!

BIO: Sandhi "Gayatri" Ferreira has been practicing Jivamukti Yoga for the past 16 years and acrobatics for the past 6 years. She is an advanced certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, AcroYoga teacher, AntiGravity Yoga teacher, a professional hula=hoop dancer and aerialist. Through these practices, she has discovered the perfect way to share her love of the healing strength of both yoga and acrobatics with playful intention and patience. She mentors at Jivamukti Yoga in NYC, teaching workshops and retreats internationally and performs in clubs & festivals around the world.

What I noticed is that Sandhi's really really good at adjusting her students. She really gets into your space to correct your poses in a very meticulous manner.

Here she is on me. Whoa...she really opened up my mid-spine!

 In the beginning of class, we talked about the full circle of life. Here, we come into full circle as my own student assists me into a handstand. My students are also my teachers, you see :)

 Class photo after that energizing Jivamukti open level class. Sweaty and glowing!

Sandhi will be teaching in Beyond until next week so you better attend one of her classes/workshops to experience her awesome-ness! :)

After class, the Beyond Yoga team took Sandhi to Yabu for a vegetarian tonkatsu plate before heading back to the studio for a full afternoon of interviews and demos for Green Living TV. Here I am in the hammock talking to producer & writer, Chris Costello and host, Paolo Abrera about the sequence flow.

Check out Paolo Abrera on the AntiGravity hammock. I loved teaching him because he (almost) had no inhibitions and is a natural! :)
 It's a wrap! Catch the segment on Green Living 2 weeks from today Tuesday 93pm on ANC.

After the show, I still had to teach classes at Beyond! Phew! Whatta day, right? And today's another day! Gotta get on my mat so talk to you all soon...Namaste ;)

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