Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Yummy Mummy: Noelle Hilario

On a sailboat in Honolulu, Hawaii

Name: Noelle Hilario

Child:  Kai Ezekiel, 4 years old

Occupation:  Art Director/Graphic Designer and Partner of Leung de Leon Marketing, co-owner of Brown Belly Clothing and Flow:SurfYogaSamba, Surfer, Gypsetter.

Your Dharma or Life's Purpose

To continue travelling the world, create art and hopefully inspire people through what i do and encourage them to live their lives doing what they love. Be the best mother to kai and create a happy and memorable childhood for him.

Kai's first trip to the zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

People Who Inspire You
My Dad- he's almost 60 but still active in sports, he's also always traveling and is an adventure seeker.

My best friends because they pursue their dreams and always live in the moment.

Kelia Moniz- pro-longboarder from Hawaii, sponsored by Roxy. Love the way she surfs and dances with the ocean. She's so young yet so accomplished.

Nicole Richie- i simply adore her style!

Favorite Family Getaway

La Union of course! There are so many other surf spots around the country, but i just feel so at home in La Union and that's where i first learned how to surf. Kai also loves being there too.

Getting some sun in Malibu, California

Precious Moments In Motherhood
1. When Kai was born, i just couldn't take my eyes of him. A miracle indeed.
2. Breastfeeding Kai is like giving a part of myself to him. All the sacrifice and hardwork it entails may be physically taxing at most times but i know it's the best way to nurture him plus it's also bonding time for us.
3. Witnessing his milestones - crawling, standing, walking, first words, etc.
4. Seeing him play in nature and enjoy simple things like swimming in the sea, feeding animals, watching him marvel and wonder at these things are just precious.
5. Whenever I hear Kai say "I love you Mommy", always melts my heart!

Mekong Delta river cruise, Vietnam

Dreams Realized
I'm happy to say that I've accomplished a lot of my dreams already in my 20s (i'm turning 30 this year!). I've studied art in Barcelona, lived by the beach, participated in art exhibitions, traveled to many places, set up my own businesses, and had Kai! I feel blessed and I'm really grateful for that.

At the top of the Eiffel tower, Paris

Dreams To Be Manifested
There are still a lot of places i'd like to visit, i'd like my artworks to be locally (or internationally) recognized and i know i have to work on that! I'd like to get better in surfing (also working on that!). Although the most important dream would be to see Kai grow up to become a beautiful person inside and out, intelligent, respectful, humble and care for those in need. I wish for him to also realize his dreams and live it.

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