Monday, February 06, 2012

Ideas for Love Month

photo via pinterest
Santi started seeing hearts decorated in establishments and the curious little one asked if it was somehow related to an event similar to Halloween or Christmas since those two really made an impact in his life, so far. (Believe me that he is blown away by Halloween!)

I explained that those hearts he saw represents LOVE because we are celebrating our love for one other this month. Not too sure how this month's festivities will move him but so far he has been saying "Happy Valentime!", hugging and kissing me. Oh, how I love you, my sweet little boy :)

Here are some ideas for your whole family on this month of hearts! <3

1. Refine your child's taste in the arts. Take your child to see these works by the finest lovers on the planet...artists!
Shameless plug: Check out my brother's works -Gino Tioseco!

2. Give the gift of love. (For the husbands, hint, hint!) Surprise your dearies with amazing healing jewelry by genius Geometrician & artist, Frank Chester. Purchase through Healing Forms.

3. Give yourself some yogalove! Beyond Yoga will be bringing in Cat Alip-Douglas for an open Jivamukti Music Vinyasa Class which includes pranayama, meditation, sanskrit chanting & deep relaxation.

PLUS! A collaboration between Beyond Yoga & Yoga+ for Valentine's...Cupid Yoga featuring Anna Carbonell and Ryan Chester. Come drag your date to yoga :)
photo credits to Diego Jose
4. Have heart for the animals, too! Enjoy a vegan (cruel-free) meal at our favorite vegetarian restaurant, Pipino.


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