Sunday, February 12, 2012

Children Cheer

Lately, Santi has been bringing so much joy into our lives because of his unintentional humor!

Some words he currently says in a funny manner:
  • Sentemary when he really means....Cemetery (told ya he is blown away by Halloween!)
  • Skoopy when he really means.... Spooky (he says this with matching big eyes)
  • Jobilee when he really means...Jollibee (clearly, he learned this word from his Dad!)
taken at a friend's beach house during Halloween ;)

I received a call from the broker of our soon-to-be-home (I am crossing my fingers on this one!) and Santi was listening by my side. All he could hear was whatever I said on the phone. This was our conversation after the phone call.

S:     Mom, who was that?
M:   The broker, my dear.
S:    What did she say? (always asking me what people tell me over the phone, curious little one!)
M:   She just explained the terms of payment for the new place.
S:    Hmmm... I wonder what the terms is (by the time he said this, Montri and I burst out laughing!!!)


After walking to a nearby restaurant with his Dad last night, Santi exclaimed, "That was a long walk! I'm tired! My bones are broken na I cannot walk anymore!"


Since it's the love month, he says "Happy Valentine, Mom!" then puckers his lips for a sloppy kiss <3

I'm sure your kids do and say the cutest, silliest things as well! Perhaps the universe gives us this gift of cheer so as we don't take life too seriously.  Children are such blessings, aren't they? :)

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