Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm a Little Indian Boy!

Santi and I were thrilled to FINALLY attend one of Kai's famous themed birthday bashes. In the past years, he's had other creative concept parties like "Where the Wild Things Are", "Tarzan", etc. Too bad we weren't in Manila to witness the ingenuity of his mother, graphic designer extraordinaire, Noelle aka Wanderlust for all those thrown before. But we're mighty glad we were there yesterday to experience it all first-hand. She practically DIYed this whole event (as always!).

Our fave artist, Noelle designed the cute party invite

Benny bursting out of the teepee (also designed and made by the host)
Noelle has been vegetarian since high school and so when she became a mom, she decided that her son, Kai would be one too. Of course, the party menu was all veg. Check out the yummy & healthy grubs!

Bread & Brie plated amongst cute Indian touches
Noelle's alternative to rice
Blackbean Burgers from Pipino
DIY Tacos
Vegan Mac N Cheese from Pipino (made from cashew cheese!)
Apple Juice in vintage bottles
Healthy Raw Vegan Barbecue Snacks
Better than the usual butter or MSG flavored popcorn
New snack idea for the kids! It had oats, choco bits and peanut butter.
Choco Smores Birthday Cake by Alessa of Pipino
Meet Manila's Martha Stewart...Noelle Hilario :)

Thanks for putting this all together! At the end of the day, you know that these precious kids grow up too fast so best to make beautiful memories to last a lifetime :)
Kai sucking the lolly with his friends. It's such a joy to see our kids growing up together :)

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