Monday, January 30, 2012

Fuerza Bruta

I have always been a visual person. Following Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, I fall on the bracket of Spatial-Visual and Body Kinesthetic. Perhaps, this is the reason why I majored in Media Productions back in college. I am simply fascinated with the visual arts. Ask my husband, I am ALWAYS moved by what I see and it corresponds a lot to my emotions. Heck, I even took one semester in Theater Arts at the University of the Philippines (I thought I wanted to become an actress). It does not surprise me that Santi has this visual gene as well. He sees everything and is absorbed by what he sees, just like his mommy :P

Hold on to your seats for the wildest show of your life... Fuerta Bruza (Brute Force) will be coming to Manila soon.

"Fuerza Bruta will captivate audience members as soon as they step into the Manila Hotel Tent, which will be transformed into an alternate universe with thumping beats, engaging dream sequences, and even a multidimensional swimming pool above the heads of the audience as they stand in the middle of the action.

Breaking free from the confines of spoken language and theatrical convention, Fuerza Bruta is an event where worlds collide and reality takes a back seat. At show time, audiences are engulfed in a 360-degree spectacle featuring mind-blowing visual effects within inches of the audience that must be seen to be believed - a man running full throttle on a giant treadmill, bursting through a series of moving walls; tumbling performers suspended in mid-air; beautiful dancers in a clear pool overhead."

Prepare yourself for some mind-blowing stuff! Leave the kids behind, this one's going to rock you and your date's night out. Check this video out.

Show starts February 14 at the Manila Hotel Tent.

Show schedules and prices:
Monday-Thursday 8pm Php2,500
Friday & Saturday 8pm and 11pm Php3,000

For more information, please check out the following websites:
FuerzaBrutaMNL (Facebook & Twitter)

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