Thursday, June 30, 2011

Port Barton

Only 3 hours drive from Puerto Princesa is the sleepy beach town of Port Barton (part of San Vicente). Since we found out about this place, we have been here thrice already because of the accessibility versus El Nido which takes 5 hours drive from Puerto. Another plus factor is that there aren't so much tourists. I'm always surprised to see we are the only Filipino tourists each time we go. Perhaps it is because of the electricity issue. There is only electricity half the day and unfortunately there is no power when you want it the most - from 12midnight to 2pm, something like that. And you know that Pinoys are the ones who need their AC :P

Top view of Deep Gold
We choose to stay in Deep Gold Resort (formerly 360Palawan and Swissipini) because of the reasonable room rates at P800, P1200 or P1800 per night. They also have the cleanest and widest beachfront on the main cove.

Outside the resort huts

Jambalaya is my fave little nook for breakfasts and easy sandwiches which you can take with you to the island hopping tours which the boatmen all over the place offer. There are only 3 tiny little tables so be sure to set an appointment when you are in a big group. Check out Eezy's philosophical & funny little signages on his walls. They are sure to amuse you while you wait for your food.

During our last trip to Port Barton, we decided to check out Kalipay Island about 45mins away via boat with the Bahay Kalipay group.

Finally we are here! Pi Villaraza of Bahay Kalipay tells us that he lived on this island as a hermit for a year living on coconuts alone. I always wonder what that must felt like.

My beach boys take a dip on the ocean. Like father like son. Water is truly their element!

Kisses for me

I highly recommend that you check out Port Barton for a change. Be prepared to bring cash (establishments do not accept credit card nor there is an ATM) and your own food if you are a picky eater as there are not much restaurants on the island. It helps to bring some staples like fruit and (raw) crackers for snacks on the beach.

Here's another helpful guide to Port Barton. I just don't know if it is updated.

Sending you lots of sunshine your way! 

Auspicious sign, a rainbow on the sky!

In cosmic light & warmth,

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