Sunday, July 11, 2010

On Dolphins & The Full Moon

I promised a post on the full moon bathing we did outside our home. Here it is 2 weeks late.

I was down with a bad case of the flu and a Palawan flu is not be taken lightly. It was a head flu and it felt very there was magnets inside of me. Santi these days has a bad cough. It's the type that doesn't wanna go away. The capricious weather is not helping either. We have been giving him oregano mixed with calamansi and honey juice.  It would break any mother's heart to hear her baby in cough distress :P

On a lighter note, we went dolphin watching yesterday to cheer our spirits! Denise and I agreed to take the kids because this might be the only touristy thing she does while she's here on a 3-week detox retreat at Bahay Kalipay.

Here's the only decent shot of the dolphins nearby. There are some videos which we still have yet to upload on youtube. Will post those too soon, here :)

Of course, Santi is lulled to sleep by the boat's engine. He even got annoyed at me for being so noisy cheering on those sentient dolphins.

Oh, I love them dolphins. You have got to try this amazing tour. Fees P600 per adult and P400 per child 3-12 years old. Text 0928-5021364 to save your slot. They leave 6:30 am from the Puerto Baywalk daily.



Yourt little guy is so cute passed out on the boat like that, don't you love when they fall asleep on your lap? Glad to hear your feeling better, i'm sure your son's cough will be improving soon too, don't worry. I LOVE your shot of the full moon night it's fabulous.


dharmadreams said...

Hello Kat,

Thank you for your comments :) We are better now but it's just that cough I am worried about. Tom we will go sailing and I really want my son to be well for that! Will post about it soon :)

Hugs & kisses from Palawan, Philippines! :D


Anna Patricia said...

It's nice to see the mommy-baby partners together again!


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