Saturday, June 05, 2010

1 Day, 3 Rivers

In the weekends, our family likes to explore. For a refreshing change from the usual beach trips, we went decided to spend a day at the Montible Bridge & River which is 30km down south from Puerto Princesa city. Armed with a full picnic basket, a griller and good company... all was set!

On the road to...
River #1: Montible River!
Our picnic set up under the bridge
Grilled Tuna and Ensalada

After lunch, we decided to get a little bit more adventurous and looked for 2 more the sub-colonies of the Iwahig Penal Farm!

Public River #2
The in-mates hang around this river so I wouldn't recommend it for bikini-wearing women. The locals don't even wear swimwear so you can just bathe in shorts and a shirt...which is what I ended up doing!

Because we wanted a more private spot, we drove past the 2nd river and found out there was another hidden river in the property of one of the wardens. He was very friendly, toured us around and even gave us some produce to take home from his small vegetable farm.

Private River #3
There you have it...a 1 day in 3 rivers! How do you spend your family weekends? :)


Ana Kamila G. Niguidula said...

so fun! how do you get around mon? did u get a vehicle when you moved or is public transpo easy?

dharmadreams said...

Hey Ana! I shipped my car from Manila and Montri bought a 4X4 from Manila as well so we both have vehicles to get around :D


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