Monday, April 05, 2010

Poo Pool Monster

Uh-oh, what have we created? My son has turned into the terrible Poo Pool Monster!

A few days ago, we needed to kill time while waiting for my friends taking the Underground River Tour. Montri and I walked over to Daluyon on Sabang Beach for lunch and a dip in their pool.
walking by Sabang Beach

The pool charge is P300 for adults and P150 for kids. After an hour or so, we spotted poo in Santi's shorts so we quickly took the little culprit out of the pool to wash him.

Daluyon's Pool

I pity the poor Aussie couple with their kids who swam right after us. They were playing this game off diving into the water to get coins that were thrown in. Soon after, they found something gross and complained to the pool boy, "Excuse me, but your pool has a lot of... shit!" Yup, those were their exact words! Montri and I wanted to laugh so hard but just kept our mouths shut in fear of being confronted by angry & disgusted tourists.

This morning, I thought of taking Santi to swim in Asturias Hotel a 3-min drive from where we live. I was told that they have a decent pool, jacuzzi and a kiddie pool plus wifi! The pool charge here is P75 for 11 years old and below and P100 for adults. The goal was to keep Santi busy while I did some work online. But when we got there the wifi did not work, just great. Then of course he had to baptise their pool as well. As soon as I got up to use their restroom, my helper told me he pooped. Wow. Another day, another pool victimized by my son.

I cringe and think that I have no face to show the hotel staff. Is there such a thing as a swimming pool black-list? But Santi also poops in the beaches. He's pooped in El Nido, Honda Bay, Nasin-aw and all over our house as well. Oh geez.

Daddy washing up after Santi's bomb in Nasin-aw Beach

So it's called Potty Train Regression. But wait, is it called regression if we have not really toilet trained yet? We've been trying to teach him and we've been partially successful with the wee-wee bit but for the pooping, it's a whole different ballgame. Santi is shy about his poop and tends to hide from us whenever he does. If I am able to sit with him at the toilet, he just won't go!

From all the online sources I've read, I find Dr. Greene to be the most sensible in explaining these matters to me. He says, "Potty training tends to come at an age when children's fears are most intense. De-pressurize the situation...Potty training is not an area to enter into any kind of battle. You will always lose; everyone involved will lose. Instead, minimize the issue and make it quite clear that this is for him - in his timing - and not for you. Help teach him how to do it, but don't push and don't punish."


idealgirl said...

I'm sure he will get over it soon enough.. You're a great mom. In the meantime, this is so funneee Mon!!! also reminds of my Psych 101 on Freud in college. :)

Anonymous said...

oh please, use swim diaper on him. aren't you carrying this item in indigo?

i love reading your blog. write more, pls.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Monica! This is so funny! It was great seeing you again! Now that I'm back in Manila and online again, I've been realizing that some of the PPS blogs I've come across are your aunt's and husbands! --Giselle


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