Friday, March 12, 2010

Life in Puerto

And so we have moved to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

It’s been more than a week since my last post - I'm sorry for the silence, readers. Blame it on the transition period. It's quite taxing physically, mentally & emotionally to uproot and immerse yourself in an entirely new place. So please, bear with me :)

On our first few days, we dedicated our time to cleaning our new home. We are renting a two-storey house duplex with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths within the city for a song. I know it sounds grand, and it actually is for provincial living considering the 2 balconies and so much nature surrounding the house, but it will depend on your standards. I know that my own parents will find it very....well, backwards. They'll probably balk at the fact that we don't have any air-conditioning or television! They'll be visiting this summer so I am to expect their qualms about the heat!

Shall I mention that we found a local househelp who turned out to have kleptomaniac tendencies :P But I really do not want to dwell on this insane story for now.

Montri has started work in the Green Tech Eco Center. They sell Eco-friendly electric vehicles and will soon carry INDIGObaby natural bath & body products and other green items. I have also started regular Vinyasa Yoga classes at Bahay Kalipay, an inner dance commune and retreat space. The residents here are purely on a raw food diet. This is several notches higher than my semi-vegetarian fare. It's aspiring to learn new ways of preparing healthier meals from my 'more evolved' friends over there. During my free time, I take Shiatsu lessons from a Swiss BK guest in transit. I give her free yoga lessons & she teaches me Shiatsu massage. You can call it fair trade of energy exchange :)

Food here is cheap. You can buy a kilo of mangoes for as low as P30 to P50 and buko (coconut) at P8 per piece. The other day I bought star apples from the locals who pick them from trees near our lot. They charged me P15 for 15 pieces. Montri is amazed that a kilo of small sized galunggong (mackerel) is only P30. I bought squid at P35 for ½ kilo. So, we feast on fruits, vegetables and seafood. I have yet to register for Aloha Home's Happy Box -P400 per box of fresh organic produce each week.

Santi has adjusted beautifully. He loves fresh fruit shakes, swimming at the beach, the green plants & trees, collecting shells from our backyard and just all this space for roaming free (& naked!). None of this is possible if we stayed in our box-like condo in Manila.

Now, I toss this question back to you, readers. Would you dare trade your city life for the simple life, like us? :)


anakamila said...

u know I would :)

kate demetrio said...

hi monica... so nice to know that you are adjusting well in the province. coming from the province myself and now living here in manila for almost 13 years (since my college days), my husband and i are giving a lot of thought of moving back to province (in my province, ilocos, that is - since he is from neg occ)... we are keeping our fingers crossed as we have to find work first there before moving there... we believe its a choice for the better... good luck and God bless!

Monica said...

Ana - but you already have your piece of paradise right where you live! :)

Kate - I strongly reco that you make that move if you or hubby can find some sort of livelihood. It's best for your child :)

Jemay SJ said...

Hi Monica! I have been reading your blogs since I came to know you through IndigoBaby products which am a big fan! So nice that you adjusted fairly well in your new home. And I guess, your little one loves his new environment as well. God bless and more power!

By the way, I will follow you if that's ok. Been new in blogspot perhaps new in blogging. Thanks in advanced! :)

Anna Patricia said...

Oh, I love that you chose that lifestyle!!! Santi would have the best childhood memories...

Preschoolers here have daycare for 8 hours sometimes, so sad!

Pel and I would love to harvest grapes in Napa or Italy. Sosyal, but technically farmers lang kami in our dreams!

marian said...

WOW!!! I just read you dared to transfer to Palawan din pala leaving the stressful Manila & starting to live a more laidback life..I, too, don't have a province & willing to give up everything in Manila. I'd love to transfer even if I don't have relatives in PP.

Hope you'll recall me, Marian, w/ one of the comments I sent yesterday who took a home lot in Alta Homes, Bgy. Sn. Jose.

For now, I have 6 dogs & I just have to be content w/ daydreams of having to walk them down the beach or run in fields...=( since I have to wait for my daughter to finish her college..She's now in 3rd yr. taking up Psychology.

I think it would be of help to follow your blogs on how you have adjusted your life since I'm also wondering how to start our life there..XOXO


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