Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Colorful Palette of Food

This is what our family had for lunch today.

The staple white rice with steamed crabs, my own version of the ensalada (red eggs, eggplant,tomatoes,onions) and a Banana-Basil-Tarragon smoothie to beat the summer heat :)

Santi's transition from regular fruit shakes to green shakes is just fine. He doesn't seem to notice that mommy sneaked lotsa greens into his new shake because they are as yummy as the old fruit shakes!

What's on your table for today? :)

*If it were only up to me, I'd eat brown rice but I have my husband and son to please :P


Donna said...

yummy lunch monica! you're so lucky you have access to the freshest food...somehow seafood in manila doesn't taste the same =(.

Mom Daughter Style said...

cute little boy. great blog. nice to see another pinay mommy blog

dharmadreams said...

Donna - Sanchez or Pita? I get confused na!

Hello Mom Daughter Style, thanks for dropping by! I love SFO by the way :) Was born in Redwood City, Ca!


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