Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Biker Babe

A few months back, hubby and I gave each other mountain bikes for our wedding anniversary. It was one of our green resolutions to ride the bike instead of the car to save on fuel, lessen carbon footprint and burn fat :P It turns out though, that I can't stand the pollution in the city. So I've only ridden to close by areas like the yoga studio and the office of one of my clients. Montri, on the other hand, has gone to far-flung places like The Fort and Mall of Asia for exercise. I should really join him one of these days..or maybe i'll just wait until the big move.

We plan to do real trail biking when we move to Palawan and we've been thinking of how on earth will Santi tag along? We did get him his own Ninja turtle kiddie bike but he refuses to ride it. Montri is asking me to buy something he found on the net for Santi - a kiddie bike seat. photo from
I think it's super cute! But then this might have a learning curve considering that I will have to balance with the additional weight of my heavy toddler. Another option is the bike trailer which might be safer to use PLUS it looks more fun because it can seat 2 kids!
photo from
This might just remain on our wish list because they cost a lot of $$$. Maybe I should wear my dollar-print dress to attract funds for these items? Or should I make my own version with natural materials?

Sheesh, where did the time go? I'm off to bike to my yoga client of the day. Til my next post! Ciao!

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